After the Journey

I’ve crossed the tape and caught my breath. As I look back at my journey, I can faintly see the speck On the horizon where I began. Nearly ten months ago, I embarked on a trek to find my own determination and persistence to do what I have always said I wanted to do.

How many people see their goals and go for it? How many out of those reach them? Expectation versus reality always becomes the mantra at this stage. I didn’t expect to make it here honestly. I thought the challenges would encompass me like a tidal wave. Instead, each new resistance made me angry. Mostly at myself, for even thinking of turning back. That helped me go farther.

Now that I’m here, I have lots of knowledge from my travels and I’d love to share them as I embark on…you guessed it…the next 1,000 Mile Journey. Sequels are in, aren’t they?

What to look for this week:

Nook release (they are being super slow and some hiccup has my book processing forever)

Kobo release – this is actually available now if anyone would like to get this version. Click Here

Official paperback release is on Wednesday! A special post will come out that morning!!

Next week, I will post helpful ideas for new Indie authors looking to publish for the first time and hopefully get some questions!

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