I think a lot of us are writers. We may not share the same vernacular or method, but at the heart of it all, we are storytellers. For some of us, it’s fiction or nonfiction and there’s even more of us out there doing it through art, dance, movies, music and to the farthest ends of academics and sport.

We have a deep need, a yearning, to be able to share with at least one other person. I have had a lasting dream of telling stories since I was in grade school. My methods have become better, but I still need help from fans and authors alike to help me in continuing. I enjoy helping whenever I can and I think, over the years, I’ve made some great friends on both sides of the field.

I truly hope you will join me and come along with me on this endeavor for a meter or a mile or the whole trip. I want to know your stories just as much as I want to share mine.


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