I think one of the most difficult things is talking about myself. It’s like a resume for reality. I’m a 30-something husband, father, author and lover of geeky things. In my spare time I love watching movies, video games (FPS) and taking in the splendor of the Black Hills where I live. I also help coach for a U16 softball team, Go Adrenaline!

As for this blog, I’ll be sharing various items of what I go through as an Indie author, links to new works, ideas that haphazardly scuttle through my thinker and as many things as I can share from the like-minded people I find.

As the years unfolds, I plan on keeping an update weekly through email. Please SIGN UP HERE and be a part of my 2018. I’ll have my WIP and other materials going through my mailing list before anywhere else.



2 thoughts on “About”

  1. Posted my review on Goodreads and Amazon –

    (I called “A Time to Reap” an “addictive scroll-inducer” because I read it on my laptop. I couldn’t stop scrolling! So I was very excited to get started on reading the follow-up novel. And it did not disappoint!

    I had high hopes for “A Time to Live” and I can honestly say it exceeded them. Jonas Lee has outdone himself with this book. His storytelling skills had me gaping in awe the first time round. Now, I’m utterly bowled over by his word-wrangling ways.

    If you’re looking for science fiction that is so well crafted that it’s entirely believable, “A Time to Live” is for you. And if you’re not into science fiction, I urge you to let go of your prejudice and give this book a shot. This is a story that’s superbly told and anyone who doesn’t get their hands on a copy is seriously missing out.)

    Hope you’re having a great weekend!

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