What’s Coming…

There are usually so many stories in rotation going on, it’s hard to know when to start, when to put one down and when to devote the majority of my time.

I have many ideas rolling around in the hopper and below you can see some of them as well as the progress they are making.

The Bounty Huntress

The Bounty Huntress is set in a distant future after a massive natural disaster and world war has restructured the landscape. Fuel, energy and money now circulate around gems that have been discovered in the ground.

The old America has gone back to a time where lawlessness is now handled by bounty hunters and a mixture of science, magic and the old west are infused together.

Status: In Progress

Word Count: 53,019

A house exists in the woods whose purpose is to guard a gateway from being opened. Lucky within a house is a puzzle that can either unlock the portal forever or close it off permanently.

A young woman just moving in will learn all about its secrets and purpose while she attempts to solve the riddle set before her.

Status: On Hold