Time to see who’s fighting who…

Write Club Fight Club

The next phase of Write Club / Fight Club is emerging. We now have 16 glorious fighters looking to go toe to toe against one another. Currently, we have them all matched up and dates are assigned. So, if you have a favorite, mark your calendar or better yet, follow the site and you can view them all. Basically, you are getting 16 free short stories by doing so. You can check out the fighters under the About tab and following Combatants.

Without further ado…

These fights will range from September the 29th until October the 5th:

Monday September 29th:  J.B. Salsbury vs. Misha Burnett

Tuesday September 30th:  Cristin Harber vs. Jonas Lee

Wednesday October 1st:  Judi Abot vs. M.B. Blissett

Thursday October 2nd:  J.M. Payer vs. N.J. Layouni

Friday October 3rd:  Lizzy Baldwin vs. Pau Castillo

Saturday October 4th:  Jeyna Grace vs. Hannah Sears

Sunday October 5th:  D.A. Scott…

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