Full-Frontal Honesty

So, in the Indie world, there are two kinds of authors: Published and Working to be Published. And just to be clear, Indie mean Independent, so you're doing this all on your own as your own personal publishing house. That said, keep in mind more successful Indie artists will have agents and publicists still working … Continue reading Full-Frontal Honesty

Speeding the Last Mile

Ever left on a trip and that last fifteen minutes before you leave the house feel like you have a tornado in your brain? Do I have enough clothes, keys, cell phone, charger...toothbrush, etc? Lord, what have I forgotten?! I am like that presently with the book closing up. Formatting is my hurdle, getting all … Continue reading Speeding the Last Mile

Enjoy My Tiddly-Bits

I am the master of my fate: I am the captain of my soul.   William Ernest Henley said it best in the last line of Out of the Night That Covers Me. Since I'm foregoing the traditional path, I decided on looking into being self-published. Self-publishing is a new opportunity for every writer to … Continue reading Enjoy My Tiddly-Bits