NOOK is a Four-Letter Word

Okay, so for my next few posts, you will see what I shall lovingly refer to as highlights and gag-reels. Highlights are pretty self explanatory. The gag-reel will refer to anything comical or absurdly stupid.

If you haven’t guessed it, the gag-reel for today’s post deals with Barnes & Noble. Don’t get me wrong, in the world of e-readers, they are high on the list. I personally wouldn’t know what sales are like on their author portal (Nook Press) because, well, I can’t submit my book!!

Over three weeks ago, I attempted submitting my project for sale. A glitch or instance or act of Internet-Gods prevented me from doing so. The option button to submit was not even there. After a few days and an email storm later, the button populates. Hooray, right?! Nope, all I ever get from this point on out is an error screen that states… Oops! Something went wrong.

Oops? You f**kin kidding me? The chat availability always leads me to one bottlenecked option. That my issue is being escalated and a representative will be in touch. That’d be fine except my rep sends me a generic email and I’m abandoned to wonder if anything is fixed. A week goes by, no word, no progress. Chat, escalate, email, nothing…repeat. Coming up on the fourth week and I’m about done with Nook for now. Amazon, thanks for not being an asshole in this instance.

Okie-dokie, highlight time… Personally, I can’t speak for every author, but I love seeing when someone is either reading or enjoying my book enough to actually post it on their own social media. And if you post a quote, you are like a step below ice cream in my favorites category (that’s pretty high btw).

More fun tomorrow…I’ll mention electronic autographs! (I know right??)

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