Give Away & Updates

Whew, I must say that over the past few weeks time has been slipping away. Like most people, there are end of the summer wrap up things with family, getting ready for school and, oh yeah, work. On top of that, I have been trying to focus some free time on book sales.

So, first off, a big thanks to Melissa Prentiss who is the winner of the signed copy of my book, A Time to Reap (The Legend of Carter Gabel Book 1)! I assigned my daughter to cut up the names I had written down and I randomly pulled one out and you were it. I’ll officially post this to Facebook later tonight when I have time and hopefully tag you in with it.

I plan on having another mighty fun giveaway in the future and I hope to get more people inspired to join me along the way. You know, make it sporting.

Next, book sales. Super fun! I’ve sold over 50 various copies in just a few weeks, so a big thanks to anyone who has purchased a copy or is looking to pick one up soon. I delivered a small handful to my local book store last week and they informed me yesterday that the had sold out over the weekend and need more!

Lastly, agenda. I plan on making more frequent posts about a few topics I have been coming across such as publishing woes, helpful tips, insights and cool things I never knew existed. So, look forward to more of me.

That’s what I have planned. This is what I have currently taking place:

Write Club / Fight Club. This project is underway for the first bouts and all of the contenders are anxiously looking forward to popping into the ring with one another. There are always spots available, so if you are interested, come on over and check it out!

Writing. There is so much writing. On top of the WCFC, I am finishing the second novel in the Legend of Carter Gabel series in hopes I can have a release date in February (fingers crossed). I’m also collaborating with another writer, Reenie Denver, in order to test an idea for a story we have called Bash Poker. It’s mostly a fun project but I can see potential down the road.


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