Sign My Tablet

In the wide world of publishing, books are a cherished commodity. Not only to readers, but writers too. We all can appreciate the convenience and price of an e-book, but holding pages in your hand really shows a physical, tangible connection to hard work and creativity.

I love getting a book handed to me or someone wanting an autograph. What a friend informed me of the other day is that authors can actually sign copies of e-books now. Did you know about this?? I sure didn’t but it’s a thing. If you go on over to you can ask an author to sign your digital copy. Granted, this is new and not every other is available yet, but think of the potential!

Go on, go over there…request my autograph…I can wait.

See?! Neat huh? And have I mentioned that you can purchase my book right now for the Labor Day weekend?? Don’t wait, go here: A Time to Reap (The Legend of Carter Gabel Book 1)

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