So Close…

So, this Friday, my last book in the Legend of Carter Gabel series will be released. Last Book. Whew, about three years ago, I didn’t think this was ever going to be an option, let alone a completion of something. I’ve met some great people thus far and can’t wait to meet a ton more.

I hope you’ll be able to share your thoughts with me as I continue in the background on another project I hope to announce in July. For now, I’m just patiently waiting for copies to go out and feedback to come in.

On an awesome note, my first reader powered through the novel on the first night she got her hands on it and left me this review.


You know how much of a cool thing reading one of these reviews is like?

To keep it short and sweet. I adore you all for reading and staying with me. This has been a most excellent adventure.

If you haven’t purchased your copy: Click Me

If you want to purchase an autographed copy: Email Me – 


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