An Interesting Gift

So, I opened a letter I received in the mail recently from a distribution company I sent my book to. I went through their request guidelines hoping I could make it into their chain stores. Well, the letter was extremely thin and before I opened it I knew it was a curt, formal platitude for my interest followed by the reasons or explanation why I was not chosen.

It was, but I’m not seeing it as a bad thing. Quite honestly, if I have to admit, it’s kind of a gift. Granted, being in bookstores across the country would have been better, but this is the point where I’m at.

I can create a wonderful story and I think I have. My delivery and structure could have been better, I know that now. My next book is better than my first and my next book will be better than the one I’m finishing. The fun thing is, I’m an Indie. I can go in and change a few things and make it great whenever I want. For now, I’m meant to grow slowly and naturally. I’ll find my way. I’ll make friends and fans and connections.

I’m young in this business and I can grow. Learning to appreciate the failures, short-comings and critiques is what it’s all about. How else will I appreciate it when I become famous?

I hope everyone reading this has a wonderful Christmas! I’ll post again after the season with updates and future projects!


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