I have been lacking on it lately. Blogging and keeping up with everything in life is a constant. Any blogger can tell you that. It's like exercising, the more diligent the routine, the easier results shall come. I need a fresh slap back into reality. I've been giving %5 to way too many things in … Continue reading Persistence

An Interesting Gift

So, I opened a letter I received in the mail recently from a distribution company I sent my book to. I went through their request guidelines hoping I could make it into their chain stores. Well, the letter was extremely thin and before I opened it I knew it was a curt, formal platitude for … Continue reading An Interesting Gift

Quadriplegic Tour Guide

And over there you will notice... no over there... that way. This is how I feel describing some things in my blog. I really don't know if this is coming across beneficially or not, but hey, I'm trying. Like today's topic: Query Letter. Ok, I am not comfortably close to submitting a query letter yet, … Continue reading Quadriplegic Tour Guide

I Talk to Inanimate Objects

"I'm finished," I murmured to my keyboard as I concluded my long-awaited ending. "Now what?" my keyboard blankly suggested back. "Shit, keyboard, quit pressuring me..." Okay, so my laptop is a pushy little bastard, but that question certainly ran through my mind. I had been working in little stints for years up to that point … Continue reading I Talk to Inanimate Objects