Masha {Showcase}

This Thursday, I’m stepping out of the norm. It’s not a blogger or author. I was fumbling around the Internet the other day and serendipitously came across an artist. I admit, I gain morbid fascination for performance attempts and failures, so I watch a lot of things. After I heard the first 20 seconds I was sold on today’s showcase.

Masha is a singer. And if any of my previous posts haven’t highlighted it enough, I believe emotions connect an audience to the artist. Whether they sing, write or perform, emotions make us feel a part of a much larger world. One song and I instantly felt the passion she was conveying. I’m still honestly shocked that such an illustrious gift is not already being surrounded like free money in the street.

So, in honor of that, I tell you now, go HERE and have a listen. If you don’t find the beauty in the song or in her voice, then I don’t know what’s wrong with you. I guess in a way, I expect her to have hundreds of thousands of followers and the simple act of receiving a reply back on a tweet (God I hate saying tweet) made my day feel complete. I guess in a miniscule way, I can relate. I have fewer followers than most bloggers & authors but knowing my potential, as the kind I see in Masha, makes me feature her today.

If you’re wondering what her sound is similar to, I immediately want to reply with nothing! It’s unique. But since that answer sucks, imagine if you spliced together Alanis Morissette, Janis Joplin, Lana del Rey and a secret ingredient. Then put that combination into a young woman. That is Masha. (lol, Masha-up)

Please, please, PLEASE share, link, repost, recirculate, reuse and recycle this!


Masha’s Page





Sound Cloud

PURCHASE on iTunes: Stupid, Stupid Dreams

Gotta Click Em All!

I usually end with, you can thank me later. Shit, in this case I’ll just say it now. You’re welcome!


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