Variations of Authors

Consider authors to be like meals. They are meant to nourish and feed a reader’s imagination. Variations of authors range from the fancy etiquette of classical and modern day literature to the drive through garbage meant to provide a taste and little more than that.

I offer up that as well as literary authors, we should not forget the other artists who use their words to feed our souls. Musicians, poets and yes, even public speakers.As writers, we all try to tie in a story with emotions. Musicians and their ilk do the same thing in a much more compacted version lasting only about five minutes. It’d be the equivalent of some sort of Jetson’s meal in a pill.

Not everyone’s pallet is the same, so don’t go asking why one person won’t eat your sauerkraut dish when they have a distaste for cabbage of any kind. So, test your dishes out and feed the world. Those who are hungry enough will feed off of your words.


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