Ian Probert {Showcase}

Thursday’s Premise: From now on, I’d like to reblog on Thursdays. It saves my brain juice and showcases a little from fellow writers. So you’ll see people sharing their stories or knowledge or anything each Thursday.

Today, Ian Probert is a wonderful author. He puts out little short chapters periodically and the illustrations (if I read correctly) are his own. Go check him out and give him a shout!



Just one more look… One more look and it’s all over.

Three players were still alive. A smartly dressed man whose name was Brown had just over ten thousand pounds left on the table. The chip leader was a man named Shields, who was studiously rearranging a pile of plastic tokens worth in excess of twenty-four thousand pounds. Palmer himself was carrying just over sixteen thousand pounds; his brain felt like someone had stuck a rusty bread knife though it. 

Keep it together, Tommy boy… One more look and you’re almost there. 

The pain was beginning to overwhelm Palmer. He was finding it difficult to think. His cards faded in and out of focus. The others in the room regarded the stranger in their midst with suspicion and bewilderment. They didn’t know what to make of Palmer, with his fucked up face and his strange, jerky way of laying down…

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