Author Updates

As I am continuing on the Time Travel sequel, I am getting more prepared to throw my electronic hat into the arena for the first one. There is a lot to consider, plan for and budget in order to get there though. It is exciting to have this idea on the menu and in that spirit, I took a long critical look into the title. It will be changing. I don’t want too much controversy or misleading thought in regards to being fan fiction. An idea sparked it, but the flames went in an entirely different direction.

So, you’ll notice a difference in that. Also, the length of chapters offered for free on this blog will dwindle to about 5. If you haven’t read it, better get to it now because in less than a month, 7 chapters will be gone until you buy the electronic copy.

There’s only 2 chapters to go for the sequel, I hope everyone is still enjoying it! I still have plenty of spots as Beta Readers for upcoming stories, you just need to email me or fill out the form below.



How am I doing?

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