The Second Coming: A guest post by Jonas Lee

A guest post for a wonderful blogger. Happy 2 year, Lizzy!!


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As a writer, are you ever ready? Hell no! You aren’t, trust me. If you think you are, you better think again. Are you ready to compete against an ocean of other authors? Are you ready to fight to get liked, friended, followed, seen and everything in-between? Ready to have your work picked apart, judged, questioned and compared? Ready to watch sales slowly come in while expenses are rarely filled?

Quit stressing. Close your eyes… crap, WAIT! You’re reading this… keep your eyes open, but let your mind think about one statement: Are you willing?


Willingness and readiness are kindred, but come from the far sides of the family tree. Most of us are never ready, for anything. School, career, marriage, family, goals, etc. But, we are willing. When we want something badly enough, we let go of the fears associated in the phrase “what-if” and push through the troubles…

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