First Contact by Kat Green

Rating Overview

Writing: ★★★ 1/2
Story: ★★★ 1/2
Characters: ★★★ 1/2
Cover: ★★★★★

Overall: ★★★★★ (3.875)

This book was given to me as an R2R in exchange for an honest review from a Goodreads group (LoP or Lovers of the Paranormal).

The synopsis of this novel was enticing, a realtor who only looks for haunted houses goes out to make certain that houses are actually haunted, but safe for the buyers requesting such unique places to live. All along she searches for one ghost in particular, her fiance who died. From there the possibilities tend to create themselves.

The Critical Points:


Kat Green’s writing has many good points to it. The text is very easy to power through and never lags in one spot for too long. There were some echoing words throughout various sentences and key words that felt repetitious within the book. There was a critical point where a small slip of a character name gave way to the mystery of who the killer is. It was a small slip, but since it isn’t truly revealed until almost fifteen pages later, the “ahh” moment was spoiled. So, a few grammatical things kinked up the story off an on.


In all the story reminds me a lot of Nearly Departed in Deadwood but takes on another twist of a person who is actively looking for haunted houses. The premise never really felt too solidified from the beginning. I just kind of went along with it and it developed nicely throughout. I’d have liked to seen a little more movement if the killer was supposed to be a surprise. There were few characters to choose from and became a little obvious. There were some romance undertones throughout the book as well, which works for those who like it and can be overlooked for those who don’t.


Sloane, the female heroine of the story, gets more developed as the story progresses. There were parts where I truly wondered what some of these people were thinking and how they got to that point. So, a lot of them were taken at face value without digging too much into the why’s & how’s. I still am trying to figure out how two good looking men (one a scientist and another and FBI cold case worker) are so seemingly handsome. <– totally my own opinion, not needed for the review.


I love covers. I feel like if I see a good cover, they half half my money right now. This cover is one that I would have thrown money at before reading the jacket. It’s mysterious, spooky, a little gory but not sick and leaves me wondering about what lurks inside.

Final Thoughts

The premise of the book was great. It was a quick, short read and hit on lots of supernatural elements. There was just a lot of things that I’ve read before that I think a new set of eyes would appreciate more than mine that are starting to see more cliches in this genre than anything else.

In all, there were areas needing a touch up, a little beefing up and many I look forward to seeing in another follow up. Writing with two people always gets stronger as they find their own rhythm with one another.


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First Contact

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