Journey of 1000 Miles

Something Is Always Broken

Good friend who is sticking to his writing goals. Read along and help keep him honest.

Trolley in a Tree

It has been a while since I have written something down on this blog.  It is certainly more derelict than I would have otherwise liked it to be, but I do suppose that is one purpose of goals, to set something to strive for.  I do need to get back to this however and I am fortunate to have people with a similar passions around to keep me honest.  One of whom is an author himself and is someone that I admire a great deal and consider a good friend.  We meet regularly to discuss what we have going on in terms of writing or other creative projects and he has already been a lot of places I would love to be in terms of writing professionally so I value his input. So rest assured if I do go too long without writing on this blog or without working any…

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