You Get Used to It

It’s the holiday season and people are busier during this time than most. Students are preparing for semester break, families are getting closer to hosting events or get-togethers and kids are entering the hyper adrenaline phase of the year, their equivalent to the Super Bowl.

For me, I am in the same boat. I hold a 40 hr/week job, spend my free time with family and down time pursuing what I hope to be a prosperous career soon. If you haven’t noticed my home page, there is a count down ticking away.

One, don’t panic. I’ll still be blogging.

Two, this will be a test to show me how much influence social media has, who actually reads or who is actually interested. This is because I will be looking at finishing my Time Traveler series off my blog. If you want to follow along, I am more than willing to share. Only thing you have to do is email me. –>

Three, this is not to say I will not continue to turn out stories. I have about 6 in the hopper that are more than willing to jump out for me. I also plan to release initial chapters of other upcoming books in the future.

I have roughly 150 followers throughout the different types of media. Let’s see if I can entertain at least %10. Sometimes you have to actually jump into the cold water to understand the temperature. It’s okay if it’s cold, you get used to it.

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