Interview with James Schannep

This weekend I was able to sit down with author James Schannep (that’s [shan-up], not [shan-nep]). It was a great chat filled with topics of zombies, Star Wars, superheroes and the differences in writing. James writes Choosable Fiction where you can have up to 50 different scenarios and endings. If you think reading a book once is enough, James begs to differ. In his books you have the option to choose the direction of the story and can always go back and start a fresh story once again.

It was great getting to know a little more about an author whom I’ve read and admired. Also, I am a bit jealous of his beard.

The video interview is listed below and I hope you’ll get the chance to watch or at least listen along as we discuss his processes and all the other things that pop into our mind. Now, coming up I have an interview tonight, which you can attend LIVE, just follow the link at the bottom. I’ll be interviewing children’s author Mariana Llanos and after that, my Interviewing pallet will run dry for a few weeks. Mainly because my weekends are going to be filled with softball tournaments and a Mexico vacation!! I’ll try and fill in some possible weekday interviews, but the next for certain one will be with the fabulous Lizzy Baldwin on July 5th.

Come watch the LIVE interview tonight and bring some questions!! CLICK HERE to come on board.


Video Interview with Zachary Chopchinski

This weekend, I tried my damnedest to start an interview on time. Well, my skills of preparation are still evolving and I started late. Then I ruined in, and then 10 minutes later, we began. The entertaining Zachary Chopchinski, the Zach Chop if I may, was nice enough to rearrange his schedule to accommodate my rather fluctuating one. We had some laughs, a few giggles and a handful of chuckles. Dare I say it, I found a friend on the Internet today. If you can’t watch it, at least listen:

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Life Facts

Life Fact.22

A zombie outbreak would never last more than two days due to natural predators like maggots and hot weather tearing them apart.

And science ruins creativity once again!!