Journey of 1000 Miles

Murder in the 1st or 3rd Person

As readers and writers, we will inevitably witness death. In some genres, it lurks behind any if not every corner. When done correctly, it grips the story and gives it a push in a certain direction. Death creates emotion and because of that, I want to know what sparked the most memorable.

Tell me what death scene you’ve read or written that made you step back and go, “Holy bear balls, that was f***ed up.”

Journey of 1000 Miles

Daddy’s Busy…



Get it On

The paper. Get it on the paper. It’s NaNoWriMo time and for all of you that have that great classic novel that you’ve been waiting to get onto paper, this is your month. Procrastination will take you no further. In this month you are to set the goal to write 50,000 words before December 1st. This does not include emails, blogging or other dictation. 50,000 free-spirited words towards creativity.

Now, please don’t think of this as the New Year’s Day of Writing. Like most resolutions, the first week leads to a self-discovery of improbabilities and all is forgotten in the Winter’s wind. Don’t let holidays or this or that take away a lofty, but important goal for all writers. I will plan to end each blog at the bottom with my Word Count to date, to keep me honest.

Since that’s all I have so far, here’s a picture to keep you entertained:


Word Count to Date: 0