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How I Started NaNoWriMo in the Negative

It’s National Novel Writer’s Month! Time to put thoughts down and hammer out the majority or entirety of a novel, right?

Well, I am doing just that. I am at the halfway mark in the last book of my trilogy and I have a short story due and what better month to tackle this adventure than November? I think anytime you can get a goal and a timeline, it sponsors the movement toward completion faster than some internal mechanism saying otherwise.

So, I was amping up and getting somewhere last night in my story. The words were flowing and then this Microsoft Word Update popped up on top. So, I saved my work, clicked the button and then some sort of pixie magic happened and all but what I wrote was gone. 40K + words *(poof)*

I did what most people would do:

And when I Google searched everything else that I didn’t already know and the work was gone…

But, I was able to restore a previous version … from October 20th….

Well… what can you do? After sleeping on it, the best thing I can say is don’t trust Updates. Save your work constantly. And look at the bright side in catastrophes. I mean, I disliked losing close to 3500 words, yes. It does give me a chance to embrace the thoughts and direction I was going in and reshape it, hopefully better this time.

So, Day 1: – 3500 Word Count. Let’s try Day 2?

How’s everyone else coping? Hitting daily goals? Pooling up for weekend writing?

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Back From Hibernation

So, it’s been months since I posted. I’d like to say I was backpacking or researching or been hammering out novels one after another. No, I’ve just been living life and getting caught up with it at every turn. And who wakes up and stretches their arms out all refreshed?! I’m more like this kid:


For those of you not familiar with me, I write the Legend of Carter Gabel series. It’s a time-travel YA Sci-Fi novel about a kid who can spontaneously travel back in time but soon finds out that those aren’t his only gifts. I have the first two books out right now <shameless plugs at the bottom>. AND I’m still working on the third. BUT I totally plan on having it cranked out by the fall.

What’s Been Going On?

I have spent the last few months combing back through my books, taking out the unnecessary and shaping up the structure a bit. Overall, I love this story even more now and those I taxed with re-reading it agree it flows so much better.

I have been cranking up the world generator for my next series and even a couple more singular ideas in the wings. I fully plan on starting the writing process as soon as I get Carter out and in the hands of my editor.

On top of that, I’ve helped out a few writer friends with their own work.

What’s Going On Now?

Currently, I help coach a U14 softball team and the season is just wrapping up (Go Adrenaline!). Those twelve young ladies have a lot of my free time and they’re totally worth it. Check out my Instagram at the bottom.

I am looking forward to a YouTube video that will be coming out on Tuesday. I guest appear on the 69th episode of Book Nerd Paradise where I got to read a little bit of my work and there will even be a giveaway for a free copy or two just by commenting! Go check her out and watch for me this next week.

What’s Coming Up?

Soon, I will be diving further into the realm of Carter Gabel and with the end of the series, I will be taxing a few people to help me decide on the ending. #betareaders

I’m on WattPad!! I plan on posting little snipits and stories for the Carter Gabel series and the new one coming out soon. Come join me so I can follow you and your own journey!

Can you say Cross Country Nerds…? Stay tuned!

Oh! And Add My Books!! 




New Author ALERT!

Before I get to it, today marks my second WordPress anniversary! Woohoo!! Where’s the confetti and cake?? And… as far as presents, I have one for you instead. I sat down with author of the newly released Steampunk Dystopian novel, The Cogsmith’s Daughter, Kate M. Colby. We had a little talk about her processes, ideas and where it all came from. I hope you have a chance to listen and/or watch.

And if you already trust me in saying this is an awesome book, click on one of the links below! Buy an eBook and register to win a signed paperback version on Goodreads!


 <— Click the PIC

Goodreads Giveaway <— Click HERE


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The Person in the Author

I think if you were to go to a majority of my classmates, workmates and people I have met casually along the way, you’d have no real scope as to my personality. I’m not trying to be shy or pious in any way, it’s just who I am. It’s who a lot of us are, just staying in the background, observing the world. Some people are easy to open up to, they just have that ease to them.

Now, the best way people who don’t know me can start getting to know me is through my books. It’s not just a ploy to have you read them, but characters have to come from somewhere and as much imagination as I have, I tend to let my writing flow the best when I can let go and bring forth pieces of myself. Now, it’s not to say I am each and every one of my characters, but elements of them are inside of me. Whether in actuality or in hopes, it’s a tool helping me along the way.

With Carter, anyone who knows me will attest to the snarky attitude and the rather hasty rush into scenarios has me written all over it. Other elements of him are derived from people in my life, characteristics I wish I had and the basic interactions he has along the way with other people.

Upcoming books will have hints to other sides of my persona and give people a well rounded view of me in real life. That said, if I write a villain and they are guano crazy, do try not to take that as a reference to me… well mostly. We all go a little mad sometimes.

Think of the books you have read or written. Do you see a personality trait emerging? Who have you read enough of to say that you might know them to some extent?

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You Have a UTD… Post


Okay, so I am going on vacation (or on holiday as some of my UK friends might say) the end of next week. I am hoping to get some posts made to schedule and keep everyone entertained as I have been slacking a lot on the blogging lately (like all of 2015).

Currently, with vacation and coaching U14 girls softball, I have a lot of my free time consumed. Out of town tournaments, practices and games have rested upon every other June weekend and into parts of July.

On the writing front, I am getting back into the swing of things with Carter and Co. but it has been rough mainly because I am still trying to keep it light-hearted but with Carter’s past adventures, his heart is heavier. The series I have in store afterward is half-complete with characters and other world-creation elements, so there is new flavor coming out in 2016 for sure. On a side note, I hope that any author reading this takes an interest in UtopYA 2016 taking place in Nashville, TN. Registration opens in a few weeks and gets filled pretty quickly from the sound of it. I plan on being there with some great company, but I won’t speak for them yet in case they can’t make it.

On the video front, for anyone tuning into my YouTube Channel, author interviews will start up again in July. I am trying like the dickens to get shape to the Awkward Author moments, but the lighting and flow has been off quite honestly. The Backward Author’s first bit is recorded, just not videoed. So, basically, July will see a lot more content. So go and subscribe pretty please!

On the sales front, my books A Time to Reap & A Time to Live are changing their price. Both will now be $2.99 (still a fuckle of a bargain in my opinion). I had my first signing a couple of weeks ago, it was great to have friends and family stop out and support my dream. Sold about a dozen copies and a few posters. One day I’ll have the option to buy a book on this site, for now I’m putting a pin in that as a goal for August.


On the stats front, I have never kept an accurate total of things for anything other than sales. I have seen others post their monthly totals for different venues and I always see it as inspirational. So, from June onward, I’ll be tracking my progress on posting, writing and anything else in-between. So look for those numbers July 1st.

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Interview with Jacqueline E Smith

I had the extreme pleasure of interviewing a new friend and fantastic author, Jacqueline E. Smith last night. I know most of you had things going on so you couldn’t watch it live. THANKFULLY, you have this handy-dandy link below so you can catch up. Please go and check her out, Subscribe, like, praise…in the form of glorious comments and I’ll catch you on the next one!

To see other authors I’ve managed to trap like Pokemon, please click HERE or go to the Interviews link in the bar above.

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Give Away & Updates

Whew, I must say that over the past few weeks time has been slipping away. Like most people, there are end of the summer wrap up things with family, getting ready for school and, oh yeah, work. On top of that, I have been trying to focus some free time on book sales.

So, first off, a big thanks to Melissa Prentiss who is the winner of the signed copy of my book, A Time to Reap (The Legend of Carter Gabel Book 1)! I assigned my daughter to cut up the names I had written down and I randomly pulled one out and you were it. I’ll officially post this to Facebook later tonight when I have time and hopefully tag you in with it.

I plan on having another mighty fun giveaway in the future and I hope to get more people inspired to join me along the way. You know, make it sporting.

Next, book sales. Super fun! I’ve sold over 50 various copies in just a few weeks, so a big thanks to anyone who has purchased a copy or is looking to pick one up soon. I delivered a small handful to my local book store last week and they informed me yesterday that the had sold out over the weekend and need more!

Lastly, agenda. I plan on making more frequent posts about a few topics I have been coming across such as publishing woes, helpful tips, insights and cool things I never knew existed. So, look forward to more of me.

That’s what I have planned. This is what I have currently taking place:

Write Club / Fight Club. This project is underway for the first bouts and all of the contenders are anxiously looking forward to popping into the ring with one another. There are always spots available, so if you are interested, come on over and check it out!

Writing. There is so much writing. On top of the WCFC, I am finishing the second novel in the Legend of Carter Gabel series in hopes I can have a release date in February (fingers crossed). I’m also collaborating with another writer, Reenie Denver, in order to test an idea for a story we have called Bash Poker. It’s mostly a fun project but I can see potential down the road.


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Medicine v. Cure

Writing is medicine, feedback is a cure.

For me, that sums it all up. Fame isn’t really a practical notion at this point, nor is it one that I desire above all others. Fortune, … right. I’m sure there are plenty of wealthy first-time Indie authors out there.

In a world of chaos, writing calms me. It let’s me share a piece of myself with the world that doesn’t know me. Even more, it allows me to try and bring joy, laughter, thought or skepticism to readers in order to help them, or let them forget about their day.

I think of writing as medicine, because it’s something I need to administer regularly in one form or another. It helps me be myself and feel a connection in this world where I question my true purpose. Feedback from people, whether fellow writers or avid readers is like a cure. The self-doubt and worry behind putting such a large portion of time, creativity and effort is veritably soothed when I hear back from others.

Good reviews or bad reviews, advice or inspiration, all the feedback I receive goes toward curing that buzzing suitcase of bees. Love and hate are easily seen as two different sides to a coin, but I think they both actually rest on the same. Love/hate and the emotions in-between reside on one flip. The other side is the one I don’t want, indifference. Not having enough to get a response or a care is a true nightmare for myself; and I think for any writer.

So, thanks to everyone who has contributed to my own version of a cure. Most of you have kept me going when I could have just as easily stopped. And I hope you’ll be around long after I cure myself of the notion I may not be right for this writer’s world.

Journey of 1000 Miles

What Emotion Are You?

When you write, what emotion(s) help you out most? Are you best as a happy writer, melancholy, perhaps envious?

I admit that I initially write best when I’m fresh off of any emotion. All except anger. That one always confuses my clarity until about a half day later.

What pushes you into being your best?

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Launch Prep

If you are a published author, recall the time before you released your first book. Whether you self-published or went through a publishing house, there must have been energy surrounding you. I draw closer with each day to my lifelong goal of releasing a story for the world to share. It’s exciting and terrifying all the same. In one half of me, I deeply hope it will be well received, provide entertainment to whomever reads it and there are no cares if it becomes a top seller or even popular. Then that greedy half of me wants it to be passed around to as many people in as many areas as possible. I’d like a following.

I want it to be successful, not just for me but for anyone who has supported and believed in me along the way. I don’t want to let people down, it’s truly one of my few and only fears in this world. That  or no one will remember me or I don’t make a difference. Immortality rests within our family and the work we do. I would like mine to reflect the hard work and also the extreme fun I had creating this book I plan to release in late July.

Thank you all for taking the time to follow me this far on my journey. There’s so much more ground to travel and I look forward to you guys and gals everyday!