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January Wrap-up

Coming up on the end to the first month of the 2018 season and I can’t even remember the last time I wrote in here. As a writer, this makes me look piss-poor… But, hey, I put the pro in procrastination!

One thing that made me want to get a post out was a message I received from a young man the other day. In it, he let me know how he has loved the trilogy I wrote and how powerful it was for him. He even goes on to tell me that I’m one of his favorite authors. Now, I have to admit these are the things that keep me going, call it writer’s adrenaline. And as an Indie writer, who does as little marketing as I have, I don’t get to experience the reader’s reactions or interpretations of my works. Generally, that only happens when its either bad or I beg. This young man went out of his way to make my day if not week by just telling me he read my books. Expounding on the way he enjoyed them almost made me feel unworthy to a point, but filled my heart with such joy that I hope the next book will keep me in his favorite author category. Thanks, dude. You rock.

Okay so, brief run down on what’s going on thus far:

  • Finishing up a stand alone horror book under the working title of American Red. Rough chapters are available on WattPad if you are daring enough to give it a try. CLICK HERE
  • Audiobook for A Time to Reap is underway. It is surreal to hear my thoughts and words come out of a narrator’s mouth, but it’s so exciting, I can’t wait to share it with everyone this Spring.
  • Digital Box Set of The Legend of Carter Gabel is being proposed. That way, Kindle lovers can get all three for one low price and never have to skip a beat. This may be coming out as early as March for those interested. Might also branch this out to Nook, iTunes and wherever is prevalent.
  • Podcast… yes, that’s right. I will have a podcast coming out soon with my wonderful co-host Kate M. Colby. We’ll be discussing a sci-fi or fantasy book over a drink, we’ll have a book group on Goodreads and all the social media things. Stay tuned for more!!

Anywho, that should about cover the fun things. If you think of something you want to ask, let me know. I hope everyone has a great weekend. Keep reading, writing and reviewing!!


A Time to Die, The Next 1000 Miles, Upcoming

Delays and Surprises

The first month of summer has unofficially begun and it is by far the most hectic and jam-packed of my year. Mainly, it’s because I help coach softball and when we aren’t practicing we’re playing. On top of that, I’ve been trying to squeeze out the last book in my Legend of Carter Gabel series for months, it seems.

Sadly, I tried to commit and stick to a release date that is not going to work out. Going off of many different, albeit loose, equations, my first round of edits will most likely reach me at the last possible minute, which is this Friday. I have a tournament this weekend out of town… yes, with that math and possibly two more rounds of editing, formatting and getting the final cover layout for paperback. June 9th is far too close for me to assume I’ll have a finished copy ready by next Monday.

Sorry, I was pretty good at math, but managing the Indie aspect alone in this chaos between the PayPal incident, softball, my daughter’s first prom and a lot of little things crammed in-between, I feel like I’ve let a lot of waiting people down. Amazon has punished me for my lack of judgement by saying I can’t use pre-order for a year now… I guess I’m grounded?

So, the best I can do is say the release is moved now to 6/30/17. If it’s done sooner, trust me, you’ll get it sooner. I hate to put this off one second let alone three weeks, but I can’t change it again and if something catastrophic put the placeholder out instead of the finished MS, you’d be equally disappointed.

But there’s some good news!

I’m working on a new story!!

It’s called American Red. It’s a nod to horror and mystery and it involves two young brothers who are possessed by demons. These demons tempt them to use powers they now possess at the risk of letting the demons control more of their bodies. When an apparent kidnapping takes place at their school, the boys have to decide whether or not using those powers is worth the risk.

I’m currently posting it out on WattPad as I finish each chapter. So, it’s unrefined, but I’m pretty happy so far. Please give it a shot, share it, share whatever you think about it! I’ll keep posting chapters out there as long as I stay ranked, but my ranking is dropping so I need your help!

Come have a look-see as we wait for the last in the trilogy to makes it’s way here!

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The Next 1000 Miles

Putting it Out There

Good morning!

Now, for those of you that aren’t aware, I’m straying out into the YouTube world one toe at a time. I’ve only done author interviews up to this point, but I plan on putting out some additional content on a (hopeful) weekly basis. Go to the YouTube link below to learn more!

On a similar note, I have the wonderful Jacqueline E. Smith as my next interviewee. Now, for those of you tagging along with me on good ol’ Google+, I had to change her interview time to tonight. That’s TONIGHT and not Saturday. Why? Well, life happens and this is what works for us both. I hope if you have a spare couple of minutes you’ll come by and ask her a question or two. Join through the link HERE.

Now, feel free to watch or just listen. I promise I won’t make many funny faces that you’ll miss out on…

Journey of 1000 Miles

This Week in the Imaginarium

Some of you may have been aware that I was out last week (God bless scheduled publishing). So, since it was a rather fast weekend with less free time I had hoped, I am still getting a few things together.

What you should know about this week:

  • The last free Chapter of the Second Time Travel series will be out soon.
  • The first Time Travel series will soon be limited to only 5 chapters
  • I am getting closer to finalizing an editor
  • Certain changes in appearance/titles will happen soon
  • I will be eating less M&M’s and ice cream… sad days… but it’ll be for the best

For future reference:

For funzies:

  • The name Easter originates from Eastre, the Anglo-Saxon goddess who symbolizes hare and egg
  • The traditional act of painting eggs is called Pysanka
  • Many pagan traditions have found their way into Christian religious observances. Rabbits are one such symbol. Rabbits symbolize the fertility of springtime. The rabbit is also the symbol of the Egyptian moon and the moon is used to determine the date of Easter each year (I always wondered, why a rabbit?)
  • 76 percent of people eat the ears on chocolate bunnies first (I have no clue how they got this percentage)

You’re welcome!

A Time to Reap, Journey of 1000 Miles

Author Updates

As I am continuing on the Time Travel sequel, I am getting more prepared to throw my electronic hat into the arena for the first one. There is a lot to consider, plan for and budget in order to get there though. It is exciting to have this idea on the menu and in that spirit, I took a long critical look into the title. It will be changing. I don’t want too much controversy or misleading thought in regards to being fan fiction. An idea sparked it, but the flames went in an entirely different direction.

So, you’ll notice a difference in that. Also, the length of chapters offered for free on this blog will dwindle to about 5. If you haven’t read it, better get to it now because in less than a month, 7 chapters will be gone until you buy the electronic copy.

There’s only 2 chapters to go for the sequel, I hope everyone is still enjoying it! I still have plenty of spots as Beta Readers for upcoming stories, you just need to email me or fill out the form below.



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