The Next 1000 Miles

It’s Been Awhile…

Mostly, we all have a calling. Something deep within or sometimes beckoning is from afar to do something that will make us complete. For anyone reading this, I hope you’re already there doing it or in the process of reaching it. 

For me, I’m still on my way. I got a late start in life toward my passion of writing, but all of our journeys give us perspective. My calling doesn’t pay the bills, hell it barely pays “a” bill sometimes. I put more in than I have gotten out and because of that it’s really more of a hobby. Those are those money burning projects that Pinterest lures you in with.

That said, tiny moments make it so worthwhile, which is why I decided to write this post. At my part time job the other day, a woman was in line and out of the blue asked how my third book was coming. I was shocked on a couple of levels because even though she looked vaguely familiar, I know we weren’t related. She ended up being in the audience at a teacher convention I spoke at months ago. We chatted as I rang her up and she mentioned how her daughter enjoyed the books as well.

A few patrons go by (I work this PT in retail and have a profound soft spot for any of us during the holidays now), there’s a slight parting in the line and some sighs. Then, in front of me (with direction from her mom) the little girl was at my register. She thanked me for writing it and told me how she enjoyed the books, I shook her hand and they were off.

What they left behind was the best part of my day. A glowing sense that my words and thoughts touched someone enough to brave cutting in line during the holidays, to acknowledge me when I can sometimes feel invisible and to make my hobby feel like a goal in training. 

We all have something we know we were meant to do. Never lose sight of it just because it doesn’t make money. If you want something bad enough, there will come a way. 

Merry Christmas if I don’t write before then! And let me know some of your moments like mine, I can’t be the only one.

Journey of 1000 Miles

Fourteen Daughters

Since January, I have had fourteen daughters and a couple of brothers. Seems outrageous, but being a coach on a softball team, there is a sense of family. For months I got to witness, coach, laugh and get frustrated by a whole baker’s dozen of teenage girls. Granted, one is my own and I feel the experience has pulled us closer together. The other thirteen have shown and shared parts of their eclectic personalities, but after a rather quick seven months, it is over.

I’ve seen them all come together as a team in unlikely circumstances and crumble in moments when they should have overcome. They all share different levels of friendship but are always there for each other to pick themselves up when needed. Team sports do that, they bring out the best of us as long as we remember it is a team and no one is above or beyond having a bad moment, a bad play, a bad inning or a rough game. We bring ourselves to the field and for a brief hour can let go of whatever troubles or stresses we have waiting for us when the game is over.

The brothers I mentioned are the other coaches I was lucky enough to stand with. Both have shown me different sides of what it means to be a coach, bringing their own unique talents of focus and motivation with them. They are older than I am, so as the younger, I get to see more of how they work instead of working alongside. In return, I get to spend more time learning about the players and how they operate. I’d say it’s an even trade.

Some of the players couldn’t finish out the season and sadly won’t get to have them in the tight-knit family again. They will all go on to do great things and pursue their passions in life even if not with the team. In all it has been a great season and I am thankful for the coaches, the players and the families who allowed me to experience what having thirteen other wonderful daughters could be like.

Until 2016… Adrenaline forever!