Journey of 1000 Miles


It’s been a small amount of time since I’ve been able to blog. Mainly, I have over-indulged in the solitude of no longer having to coach softball anymore this summer. So…laziness. Plus, I didn’t have much that wasn’t empty blogger calories.

But, now I’m back on track and waiting for my finished product to be born. #Excitment One thing I have been working on is a synopsis. These. Things. Suck. Donkey-Butt. How can one write an entire book and still have no clue how to paraphrase it all in a catchy way? Hence my title, this part has left me constipated for days.

Luckily, I have my very own Literary Godmother, J.B. Salsbury aiding me with her wisdom and experience. With some effort, I have finally got a somewhat hang of it. Perhaps if my story wasn’t so diverse and ever-changing it will be easier?

Anywho, any one want to share a link to their own synopsis? Show me how these things are done.


Journey of 1000 Miles

A Couple More Inches

How many authors out there have powered through and produced thousands upon thousands of words? Creating worlds upon worlds, character after character is no small task. After all the places I’ve developed, people I concocted and scenarios they’ve encountered I must have filled enough pages to reach from one end of the city to the other.

So, with all of these miles I’ve spanned, a couple more inches of space shouldn’t be too difficult. Well, when it comes down to writing a short synopsis of my book, it sure seems to be. I can write a book yet somehow the back of the jacket is killing me. The same thing occurs with query letters, it’s my Kryptonite.

What do you do in order to get your idea out clearly?