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Happy Birthday, Jeffrey!!

My very first novel, A Time to Reap, turns one-year old today! In the words of Carter Gabel, “Crapdamnit!” That went by super fast. In a single year, I’ve learned more about writing, publishing and turning out a novel on my own than I ever thought I wanted. Along the way, I also made some kick ass friends, interacted with dozens of other Indie writers and focused on some long term goals to get me to places I want to be.

What’s on the horizon? Well, I have a final novel I am working furiously on trying to crank out. Then I have my very first book convention. It’s one held for our entire state and takes place September 25-27. Anyone within a reasonable driving distance should most certainly go up to Deadwood and come find me!!

Beyond that, I have plans on attending UtopYA 2016 in Nashville, TN next June where I hope to meet some of my most awesome friends and actually share some time face to face.

What else? Well, I do have a fantastic, albeit not author related, series I am taking part in. Cross Country Nerds premiered last night. It’s an hour long commiseration about nerdy topics and all the things we love. My budding friend, Liz Tailor is hosting it on her YouTube channel, I have a playlist (LINKED HERE) where you can come over and subscribe to me so you can follow up or ask questions. It’s a live show, so come over and get a little cred for your questions!

And if you want to save a step, the video is below… but please SUBSCRIBE. I’d like to hit 50 subscribers before the end of the year. Now, go celebrate my book’s birthday and buy a copy to have for your very own. Jeffrey loves seeing his brothers and sisters out there in good homes!! BUY A JEFFREY

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Cross Country Nerds

In the spirit of getting out there to more people and my deep love of nerdly things, come check out the new series I’m embarking on with my nerdly sister from another Mr. (and Mrs. too, we’re not related) Liz Tailor. We’ll be live and talking shop weekly on all kinds of topics from Star Wars to superheroes and every bit in-between. Go on Twitter or Google+ and use the #CrossCountryNerds to ask a question, pose a topic or say hi!


SUBSCRIBE: Jonas & Liz



Interview with James Schannep

This weekend I was able to sit down with author James Schannep (that’s [shan-up], not [shan-nep]). It was a great chat filled with topics of zombies, Star Wars, superheroes and the differences in writing. James writes Choosable Fiction where you can have up to 50 different scenarios and endings. If you think reading a book once is enough, James begs to differ. In his books you have the option to choose the direction of the story and can always go back and start a fresh story once again.

It was great getting to know a little more about an author whom I’ve read and admired. Also, I am a bit jealous of his beard.

The video interview is listed below and I hope you’ll get the chance to watch or at least listen along as we discuss his processes and all the other things that pop into our mind. Now, coming up I have an interview tonight, which you can attend LIVE, just follow the link at the bottom. I’ll be interviewing children’s author Mariana Llanos and after that, my Interviewing pallet will run dry for a few weeks. Mainly because my weekends are going to be filled with softball tournaments and a Mexico vacation!! I’ll try and fill in some possible weekday interviews, but the next for certain one will be with the fabulous Lizzy Baldwin on July 5th.

Come watch the LIVE interview tonight and bring some questions!! CLICK HERE to come on board.