Masha {Showcase}

This Thursday, I’m stepping out of the norm. It’s not a blogger or author. I was fumbling around the Internet the other day and serendipitously came across an artist. I admit, I gain morbid fascination for performance attempts and failures, so I watch a lot of things. After I heard the first 20 seconds I was sold on today’s showcase.

Masha is a singer. And if any of my previous posts haven’t highlighted it enough, I believe emotions connect an audience to the artist. Whether they sing, write or perform, emotions make us feel a part of a much larger world. One song and I instantly felt the passion she was conveying. I’m still honestly shocked that such an illustrious gift is not already being surrounded like free money in the street.

So, in honor of that, I tell you now, go HERE and have a listen. If you don’t find the beauty in the song or in her voice, then I don’t know what’s wrong with you. I guess in a way, I expect her to have hundreds of thousands of followers and the simple act of receiving a reply back on a tweet (God I hate saying tweet) made my day feel complete. I guess in a miniscule way, I can relate. I have fewer followers than most bloggers & authors but knowing my potential, as the kind I see in Masha, makes me feature her today.

If you’re wondering what her sound is similar to, I immediately want to reply with nothing! It’s unique. But since that answer sucks, imagine if you spliced together Alanis Morissette, Janis Joplin, Lana del Rey and a secret ingredient. Then put that combination into a young woman. That is Masha. (lol, Masha-up)

Please, please, PLEASE share, link, repost, recirculate, reuse and recycle this!


Masha’s Page





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PURCHASE on iTunes: Stupid, Stupid Dreams

Gotta Click Em All!

I usually end with, you can thank me later. Shit, in this case I’ll just say it now. You’re welcome!


Journey of 1000 Miles

Socially Awkward

In the vast abyss of social media, I feel like I am falling into a pit where the bottom is unseen and the sides, untouchable. I mention this because, a lot of the followers I have for my blog, do not like me on Facebook or follow me on Twitter, share with my pictures on Instagram or anything else in between.

As I look at the system as a whole, I have basically been just rehashing or sharing one thought between 3-4 platforms. In my opinion, that’s fairly lazy on my part. I mean, as a fellow subscriber if I follow you on more than one place it’s because I either like you an extreme amount or you give me different perspectives on you.

In that latter sentiment, I plan on changing things up a bit. I’ll still mass post things on a general basis to all I can from my blog. But I want to incorporate more of who I am spread out within this universe of Social Media.

WordPress will have my author updates, release progress, my step by step in my journey. It’ll be a little more of everything in here. This is my Imaginarium and as such should have a little of everything.

Facebook, you’ll get my extra quirkiness. I’ll use it more of a marketing site for my 1000 step journey and start leaving out Life Stuff.

Twitter, since you like to keep it short and sweet there, I’ll post mainly inspiring quotes, thoughts, actions and Life Stuff. It’ll get more expansive as my book release draws near.

Instagram…well, you have little to no say.


Tumblr, you may have to sit in the back seat for some time. You’ll be my most up to date version of my personal thoughts, rants, music/movie tastes and the like when the time comes. But, it’s the least ranked followers so far and in the spirit of sharing the wealth, I’d like to see where the other consortium takes this.

Pinterest, I haven’t forgotten about you. I will create an account closer to the launch of my first book in July. I’ll make sure to fill it with the things I have seen in my mind when coming up with characters, scenery or other ideas along the way.


This social media clarification may have a couple of stumbling blocks, but if you don’t follow me on one of the other platforms, feel free to join along in order to see all my different sides.


Amanda Lyle {Showcase}

This Thursday’s showcase features a blogger that always makes me take a step back and chuckle. InsidetheLifeofMoi covers a range of topics from the Man Flu to Facebook Pet Peeves. She’s interesting to say the least and her applicable stories always provide whimsical imagery along the way. I don’t know a lot personally about this blogger past her being entertaining since there wasn’t much for contact info, but please go and give Amanda Lyle’s site a look and enjoy this all to familiar tirade on the world that is Facebook. Feel free to thank me later.

Journey of 1000 Miles

Please, Don’t Open the Suitcase of Bees

“What does it take to get through to you?!?!”

This may be the question that you ask yourself if you are a stat-addict like myself. I have looked at stats from sites wondering why people looked at one thing and not another, why some received a “Like” while others sat blank. Well, my advice: drop that nonsense like a suitcase full of bees. You don’t need to carry it around and you don’t want to open it up. No-no, never open the suitcase full of bees.

Ever wonder, as an author and self-promoter, what your substantial yet quaint audience following is doing. If it’s constantly, you will only have the tailor measuring you for a straightjacket. Relax… this is not a sprint, this is a marathon. You can’t expect to race full speed down the track ahead of everyone only to have them all pass you by in the next five laps because you’ve exhausted yourself.

It’s a pleasure-me-quick type of world out there and as frequently as we’ll have to crank out new material, don’t expect the same in returning fashion for your needs, at least not yet. Realize that people have their own schedule and interactions. They will mention your work to others when the conversation suit it, which is not always going to be immediately. Not everyone is looking at you just because you’re waiting for them.

If you have time to sit and watch the screen as views and likes and whatnots accumulate then guess what? You should be writing. You should be dreaming. You should be planning.

Think to yourself, what do I do if my query letter is never accepted? Do I self-publish? Do I re-vamp? Do I hire an editor? Keep trying? Never stop submitting query letters, first of all. Someone will inevitably like your work, it just depends on how long. I mean, not to appear mean, but there is some true horseshit novels out there that I wonder what a publishing house was thinking about when signing. So, I am pretty certain that there is a genre for every and all stories.

However, if patience is a virtue that you traded in for creativity. Self-publishing is another avenue that we will have to discuss tomorrow. For now, keep the suitcase closed. Bees are evil. Honey or not, they want to destroy you.

Journey of 1000 Miles

I’m My Own Pimp

If the title caught you, then phase one is complete; I’ve hooked you in at least a little. WAIT, wait, wait… I’m not selling you anything, just relaying my personal experiences.

After finishing a novel, there is editing. While that editing is in the hands of other people who are looking through the chapters and giving me feedback, this is the perfect time to start the Social Media extravaganza. Yup, if you want published, you’ll have to start putting yourself out there on the proverbial street corner and peddle your wares. For me, I write under a different name, so it helps to keep my normal and pseudo lives separate.

Almost everyone has a Facebook account (shameless plug), but let’s not forget the other avenues of social media (i.e. FREE PRESS). You have Twitter, Google+, Flickr, Instagram and countless others depending on how marketable you want to become. I’ve seen some authors create a YouTube channel where they read their short stories. I am learning to Tweet, … slowly. The rest comes pretty naturally.

Oh, and Big-ups to my wife for pointing me to Word Press to start my blogging adventures. Love you, babe!

So, now you already have 100’s of friends on Facebook or followers on Twitter. Your author persona is going to rake them all in and catapult you in the spotlight and soon you will catch fire like you were bathed in kerosene and jumping over a campfire, right?? Well, if you are like me, think again.

Sadly, unless you have outspokenly been promoting yourself since you first met your friends or acquaintances, you are starting a relationship with most of them all over again. I believed that at least 3/4 of my friends would “Like” my page immediately and follow me on my journey. So far, that is not the case, but think about it…

People differ from one outlet to another. Not everyone is checking their feeds or keeping up to date with others. In many cases, people use social media to briefly check on a few close friends and family in their lives, post about their own experiences and then they’re off. The posts or requests you send out may be read or may be overlooked. Not everyone wants a barrage of alerts. You are commercializing your relationship, so tread lightly and honestly. Let them come around if they want to and if not, keep them close by. Un-friending people is not the answer.

Me, I was very impatient in terms of getting responses to what had been more than a decade in the making. Once I started, I expected magic, miracles and bending the space/time continuum to take place. The sad fact is that it’s growth and any kind of healthy growth takes time.

I wanted to have hundreds of followers, but a handful at a time is perfect. Any progress, whether big or small, is still progress. It’s painful waiting for recognition when it comes a drop at a time but think to yourself that one day, you will be too busy writing and doing your own projects to possibly keep up on social media by yourself. So, cherish this time.

And start small, if you’re already on Facebook and Twitter, you know how to handle posts. If you haven’t had a social media site since MySpace was the big thing, don’t sign up for everything in the world without a plan on what content you are prepared to put out there. You don’t want a 100 followers and then the first month give them nothing. Attention spans last roughly the same lifetime as a gnat.

For me, this blog helps me to put my ideas out simultaneously to my other accounts so I don’t have to update different fans at different times. I’ll still do special offers and small contests on Facebook from time to time, like a coffee or an iTunes gift card giveaway, but keeping it small and informal is fine. If you’re looking into the same starting point as I am then you should know your limits and what you can achieve with the time that is given you.

And since I am not under a publishing house or have a literary agent, I am indeed pimping myself out. I am trying to get you to pick me as a source of entertainment. I want followers and fans and friends, but most of all I want to relay my stories. It’s a calling and we all need to follow our own first and foremost.

If you’d like to check out a sample of my work please click here. Yup, still pimping… P.I.M.P.