Masha {Showcase}

This Thursday, I'm stepping out of the norm. It's not a blogger or author. I was fumbling around the Internet the other day and serendipitously came across an artist. I admit, I gain morbid fascination for performance attempts and failures, so I watch a lot of things. After I heard the first 20 seconds I … Continue reading Masha {Showcase}

Socially Awkward

In the vast abyss of social media, I feel like I am falling into a pit where the bottom is unseen and the sides, untouchable. I mention this because, a lot of the followers I have for my blog, do not like me on Facebook or follow me on Twitter, share with my pictures on … Continue reading Socially Awkward

Amanda Lyle {Showcase}

This Thursday's showcase features a blogger that always makes me take a step back and chuckle. InsidetheLifeofMoi covers a range of topics from the Man Flu to Facebook Pet Peeves. She's interesting to say the least and her applicable stories always provide whimsical imagery along the way. I don't know a lot personally about this … Continue reading Amanda Lyle {Showcase}

Please, Don’t Open the Suitcase of Bees

"What does it take to get through to you?!?!" This may be the question that you ask yourself if you are a stat-addict like myself. I have looked at stats from sites wondering why people looked at one thing and not another, why some received a "Like" while others sat blank. Well, my advice: drop … Continue reading Please, Don’t Open the Suitcase of Bees

I’m My Own Pimp

If the title caught you, then phase one is complete; I've hooked you in at least a little. WAIT, wait, wait... I'm not selling you anything, just relaying my personal experiences. After finishing a novel, there is editing. While that editing is in the hands of other people who are looking through the chapters and … Continue reading I’m My Own Pimp