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You Have a UTD… Post


Okay, so I am going on vacation (or on holiday as some of my UK friends might say) the end of next week. I am hoping to get some posts made to schedule and keep everyone entertained as I have been slacking a lot on the blogging lately (like all of 2015).

Currently, with vacation and coaching U14 girls softball, I have a lot of my free time consumed. Out of town tournaments, practices and games have rested upon every other June weekend and into parts of July.

On the writing front, I am getting back into the swing of things with Carter and Co. but it has been rough mainly because I am still trying to keep it light-hearted but with Carter’s past adventures, his heart is heavier. The series I have in store afterward is half-complete with characters and other world-creation elements, so there is new flavor coming out in 2016 for sure. On a side note, I hope that any author reading this takes an interest in UtopYA 2016 taking place in Nashville, TN. Registration opens in a few weeks and gets filled pretty quickly from the sound of it. I plan on being there with some great company, but I won’t speak for them yet in case they can’t make it.

On the video front, for anyone tuning into my YouTube Channel, author interviews will start up again in July. I am trying like the dickens to get shape to the Awkward Author moments, but the lighting and flow has been off quite honestly. The Backward Author’s first bit is recorded, just not videoed. So, basically, July will see a lot more content. So go and subscribe pretty please!

On the sales front, my books A Time to Reap & A Time to Live are changing their price. Both will now be $2.99 (still a fuckle of a bargain in my opinion). I had my first signing a couple of weeks ago, it was great to have friends and family stop out and support my dream. Sold about a dozen copies and a few posters. One day I’ll have the option to buy a book on this site, for now I’m putting a pin in that as a goal for August.


On the stats front, I have never kept an accurate total of things for anything other than sales. I have seen others post their monthly totals for different venues and I always see it as inspirational. So, from June onward, I’ll be tracking my progress on posting, writing and anything else in-between. So look for those numbers July 1st.

A Time to Reap

For Just Pennies…

Take a moment and think about the following story.

This is Jeffrey – Jeffrey S. Lee

He was born with a rare disease, called Dog Ear Disorder. Normally, these abnormalities occur internally from book to book. But Jeffrey was born out of the shipping box this way. It’s a crease formed went a page (or in this case, cover) is bent for extended periods of time.

Although Jeffrey’s case is unfortunate, he has the best outlook towards his long and fruitful life. Follow along as Jeffrey and I take on the world one page at a time. Look forward to more pictures with Jeffrey in the future.

If you yourself would like to adopt a book in need, please click on the link provided. For what amounts to just pennies a day, cases like Jeffrey’s can be overcome. There are countless numbers of these books simply looking for good homes with a Kindle, a Nook or any various e-Reader. Soon, they will be needing shelves or a coffee tables to rest upon.

Adopt a Jeffrey today. Save that mocha latte for tomorrow. CLICK HERE