Happy All Hallow’s Eve-Eve

First and foremost, it's almost Halloween!! My favorite time of year filled with masks, spooky stuff, fall at its peak, pumpkin flavored everything and the distant glimpse of Christmas. Since it is my most favorite time of the year, why not give something away?? So, a free, signed copy of my first book is available … Continue reading Happy All Hallow’s Eve-Eve

Junk Punches

Just like the title sounds, reviews focusing on the negative side of your novel tend to feel the same way. I have recently gotten one of my first. Now, if there had been a back and forth on the good and bad or something justifiable in the reasons why "I don't believe many adults could … Continue reading Junk Punches

The Time Traveller’s Grandchild: Jonas Lee

If you haven’t looked at mylittlebookblog, now is definitely the time! She gave me my very first review (take note of that) and you’ll have to read what she says…


I was sent this book by the lovely Jonas Lee, and in his words loved your blog. I figured I would throw my hat in the ring. You can’t go anywhere if you don’t move, right?’ I am so happy you chose to ‘move’ and send this onto me and let me have a read. I was submersed in a new world and so carried away with this that I decided to review this rather than work on my philosophy dissertation (which I’m so worried about!) So that’s pretty impressive! Jonas states on his lovely blog at ‘http://jonasleeblog.com’ (Go check it out!) ‘If you want more, encourage me to get this sucker in front of an agent or publisher.’ So here it is Jonas, my plea to you, to get this to a publisher and get this out there for everyone to read! YES, I mean it! So, with…

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What the Hell Am I Going to Buy with $0.02?

So, it's been a few days. Still holding steady hoping to hear some positive news back from any literary agent. In my patience (of which I possess little to none) I started contemplating. I took off my author hat and replaced it with my business hat and I wondered how to think like a literary … Continue reading What the Hell Am I Going to Buy with $0.02?