Journey of 1000 Miles

Bring on the Popualrity

Writing stories and entertaining others is my number favorite thing to do. I do it for fans and the art of constructing words into mental imagery for people who want to escape a life of commuting, responsibilities and reality altogether. Popularity is always a back burner hope for all authors, I think.

Speaking for myself, I could stand to be more popular. I hope that doesn’t come off as too pompous, but I only want to reach more people. In the Sea of Indies, most of our marketing base consists of fans and word of mouth. People sharing reviews, posting quotes, adding captions on Goodreads and tweeting some of their favorite moments brings in new curiosity. And with it, we can feed our imagination to other.

So, when I say I want to be more popular, I just really want to entertain as many readers as possible. More than that, I love interacting with them. I will never be a writer who doesn’t reply to an email or tweet. That said, a big thanks to Pau over at Pau’s Castles and my new Filipino following. I look forward to seeing you all enjoy it!

Journey of 1000 Miles

Read and Respond

This is super quick since my focus is all over the place this week. What makes up your mind about purchasing a book? Cost, description, author loyalty, etc. Do you only buy in a specific genre, take friends advice, Amazon suggestions?

I’m trying to get a feel for your tastes.