Journey of 1000 Miles

All You Do is Pitch, Pitch, Pitch

Okay, so it’s more of a description because I’m not using this to pitch my book to anyone. But, the pun from the title doesn’t work otherwise.

If anyone reading this could spare 2 minutes. I am rounding the corner on things I can do to my nearly published book until editors are finished with it. I am looking into what to put on the back cover. Mostly, this is where my brain turns to oatmeal, bland and lumpy. I need some ideas on how to put some brown sugar in it. Can you read it and let me know your honest thoughts?

Carter isn’t your typical teenager. In fact, none of the students at Pemberton Academy are typical since all have suffered from or witnessed acts of temporal displacement or telepathy. Carter is a Leaper, someone who has a condition called Chronological Displacement Syndrome, and is prone to spontaneously traveling back in time. His most recent leap unwinds his sense of reality as he learns there is more to his condition than time travel. Mo, a fellow classmate and telepath, joins him on a fast moving journey to learn about their abilities full potential while uncovering secrets along the way. They will reveal what happened to Carter’s father, the background of the trainer assigned to teach them the depth of their abilities and what happens to some of the senior kids after they graduate. Their excitement reaches a pinnacle once Hunters discover that there is more to them than meets the eye. And on top of that, their school is not all that it seems.


A Time to Reap, Journey of 1000 Miles

Pitches Love an Audience

Since I’ve seen it done on other blogger sites, what better than to copy that idea for my own purposes? I submitted a pitch to ABNA in order to move to the next round, but if that doesn’t stick, I would like to perfect the pitching experience and need YOUR help. I concocted a pitch for my book and would like input. Positive or negative, as long as it’s constructive. If you can, take a couple of minutes and let me know your thoughts. You can post a comment, leave a comment, a like or feel free to email me.

Give that pitch an audience. Pitches love an audience.


When you think time travel has the answers to questions such as why did my father abandon us, who is the bald-headed girl who can read my thoughts and what is really going on with the school principal, think again. Time travel is not always the answer.

For Carter, time travelers are common. In fact, Chronological Displacement Syndrome was diagnosed as an official hereditary illness over a decade before his birth. Like his mother and grandfather before him, Carter blips in and out of the present to a very naked past. When located in his present timeline, he attends Pemberton Academy for individuals who suffer from the same genetic issue as well as those that have been affected by it.

Soon, Carter will find out that there are more gifts he thought were imaginable as he meets up with Mo, a telepathic girl from school. When they are together, a concoction of abilities and powers emerge and because of that, certain people like the principal have taken notice and want to harness or prevent those gifts from being used anywhere else.

Time travel, teleportation, atomizing bad guys and more await Carter and his new friend as they try to find the answers to who is hunting them down and why.