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Oh, So You Like Gangbangs?

Sorry, no porn here, but while you’re reading, let’s talk about the poor unfortunate souls known as Reviewers. As an author, especially since I’m an Indie author, reviews are my major form of credibility and advertising.

One site that I was directed to The Indie View. It’s a site that post links to reviewers that are accepting books in various formats and genres and also a place for want-to-be reviewers to go and sign up to get books. Now, this is a great tool for each person.

Authors will hopefully find a reviewer or two, readers will get free books to read and contribute in helping an author step into the light. That’s the general premise.

Here’s the issue: authors will have to search, hunt, and peck through dozens upon dozens of sites. Mostly, to try and find out if the reviewer is looking for their genre, if they’re accepting reviews and the time commitment. I’ve come across sites that were taken down, no longer reviewing, and no longer accepting more than anything. Other sites have such a backlog, they can’t possibly accept all books and because of such, will not respond to let you know if they are even interested. So, for author’s it has promise, but the payout is not really there in my opinion.

For reviewers…oh, I hope you don’t go in thinking “I wonder if I’ll get many books…” because you will. Books will coming flying at you in such rapid speed and succession, you won’t know what the hell you got yourself into. I hope you have lots of free time and can devour a book in a day. If not, they will get crammed in your cram-hole until you have to deactivate your account.

Hint: set up a review email, don’t use your personal one unless you like sorting.

In the spirit of letting those reviewers rest, and to save myself time (let’s be honest), up until the end of the week, anyone wanting an eBook of A Time to Reap that reads this blog, just email me at JL.Fiction@outlook.com and use the subject line Gang Up on Jonas Lee. Tell me your format of preference and I’ll send you a copy in expectation of a review on Amazon and/or Goodreads. Deal?

This is only going out to my folks on WordPress, no other social media at this time. So, take advantage, read some reviews and lets help each other out!

Journey of 1000 Miles

What the Hell Am I Going to Buy with $0.02?

So, it’s been a few days. Still holding steady hoping to hear some positive news back from any literary agent. In my patience (of which I possess little to none) I started contemplating. I took off my author hat and replaced it with my business hat and I wondered how to think like a literary agent.

I took a long hard look at the concept in my manuscript I submitted vs. the story I am doing for fun. There are some major differences in writing as far as I can tell. So, I look at each story and wonder, “which one of these would I publish?”

Well, I hate decisions and since I am bias in this regard, I now call on you. There is a form below and if you are interested, I will accept the first five people to respond. Include your name and email and in return, I will send out the first 50 pages of my book to you within the next week. From there, please tell me what you think, what it needs, what it doesn’t, anything. If you hate it, love it, didn’t really get it, or didn’t really care I am literally all ears.

If you liked the experience, I’ll place you into my Imaginarium Forum and give you guys first crack at any new writing I have coming out ahead of time.

Time is somewhat of a factor, so please let me know by Saturday and if I don’t have 5, I’ll just go with whatever number works. Two cents might not buy jack squat nowadays except for an opinion. So, give me yours by the form below. I won’t respond to any comments on this one.