The Next 1000 Miles

How I Started NaNoWriMo in the Negative

It’s National Novel Writer’s Month! Time to put thoughts down and hammer out the majority or entirety of a novel, right?

Well, I am doing just that. I am at the halfway mark in the last book of my trilogy and I have a short story due and what better month to tackle this adventure than November? I think anytime you can get a goal and a timeline, it sponsors the movement toward completion faster than some internal mechanism saying otherwise.

So, I was amping up and getting somewhere last night in my story. The words were flowing and then this Microsoft Word Update popped up on top. So, I saved my work, clicked the button and then some sort of pixie magic happened and all but what I wrote was gone. 40K + words *(poof)*

I did what most people would do:

And when I Google searched everything else that I didn’t already know and the work was gone…

But, I was able to restore a previous version … from October 20th….

Well… what can you do? After sleeping on it, the best thing I can say is don’t trust Updates. Save your work constantly. And look at the bright side in catastrophes. I mean, I disliked losing close to 3500 words, yes. It does give me a chance to embrace the thoughts and direction I was going in and reshape it, hopefully better this time.

So, Day 1: – 3500 Word Count. Let’s try Day 2?

How’s everyone else coping? Hitting daily goals? Pooling up for weekend writing?

Journey of 1000 Miles

Go Out and Shoot Your…

I was daydreaming instead of editing the other day and wondered about the wide world of marketing. Mainly, I was thinking to myself, I wish I had a symbol, like Batman or McDonald’s where I could be seen and immediately recognized. Granted, I think that if I last another 60 years or so and stick to a symbol, I can make that happen. Alas, I will have to spell out my name…le sigh.

In my imaginarium, I began thinking of tattoos. Weird, I know. But I am an avid fan of tattoos, the art they portray symbolizing the milestones or feelings in a person’s life at a given point. I thought, if I could become a full-time author, what would be a tattoo speaking to my profession?

I finally came back with an arrow. I’m not bandwagoning the Hunger Games in this notion. As authors, we are essentially preparing to shoot arrows at a target. The arrows are our stories. However we succeed is judged on where it lands ahead of us. We have to take careful preparations and practice to get to the bullseye, but when we do, each one after gets easier to hit.

So, as an author/archer, the first time is always the hardest. You have to adjust to the pull of your bow (the mechanics of writing, editing, flow, content, audience), take aim at your target (the goal you want to see, literary agents, marketing) and eventually you have to let go and see where you land. If you are lucky, you hit close to your intended spot. The more and more you practice and try, whether short stories or novels, the easier it will become.

I consider this a fair analogy. And because of that, with every published book I will get an arrow tattoo with the name of my work down the shaft. Now that it’s out there in the world, it’s bound to happen. 🙂

Go out and shoot your own arrows, no matter your profession. Just have a goal in mind and focus on what you want. Keep in mind that for any arrow to go forward, it must first go backwards. So never think because you are taking a few steps back, getting pushed back or falling back that you can’t launch further and faster because of it.

NaNoWriMo: 8275 (unfortunately, editing is taking up this month so actual writing is limited)


Get it On

The paper. Get it on the paper. It’s NaNoWriMo time and for all of you that have that great classic novel that you’ve been waiting to get onto paper, this is your month. Procrastination will take you no further. In this month you are to set the goal to write 50,000 words before December 1st. This does not include emails, blogging or other dictation. 50,000 free-spirited words towards creativity.

Now, please don’t think of this as the New Year’s Day of Writing. Like most resolutions, the first week leads to a self-discovery of improbabilities and all is forgotten in the Winter’s wind. Don’t let holidays or this or that take away a lofty, but important goal for all writers. I will plan to end each blog at the bottom with my Word Count to date, to keep me honest.

Since that’s all I have so far, here’s a picture to keep you entertained:


Word Count to Date: 0