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If anyone reads off a Kindle or a Kindle app, have you noticed the dotted underline? Granted, I’m pretty oblivious once I’m in a story but noticing it the other day reminded me of the things I enjoy seeing from a reader. I am always so elated once I am able to see a reader respond. Not review necessarily, but things like stumbling on random quotes, thoughts and the things readers share simply do it for me. The following one made my day in two ways:

  1. I loved that this made her laugh
  2. I ended up laughing because I totally forgot I wrote it (you know how hard it is to make yourself laugh?)



Between Worlds by Jacqueline E. Smith

Rating Overview

Writing: ★★★★★
Story: ★★★★★
Characters: ★★★★
Cover: ★★★★★

Overall: ★★★★★ (4.75)

The story is a Supernatural Mystery/Horror novel set revolving around Michael, a spiritual medium (not a psychic) who is able to see and hear ghosts. He has made friends with Luke, the host of a Supernatural Ghost Hunting TV series called Cemetery Tours. The sequel of this book takes Michael, Luke, Kate (Michael’s girlfriend) and crew across from their Texas home to the eastern US to search for the possible proof of a haunted house. With Michael’s affinity for ghosts, he is bound to come across something? What they all find is more than they bargained for as they’ll have to look for the clues to calm an angry spirit refusing to cross between this world and the next.

The Critical Points:


There’s really nothing bad I could say here. Jacqueline writes beautifully, there aren’t any errors or confusion in the book. There was a few wonky areas of formatting, but I always like to blame Kindle for that. I found myself highlighting quotes and interesting passages in my literary quest from chapter to chapter.


Haunted house stories can either be hit or miss. Too much of the same ol’ same ol’ and it feels like a waste of time and money and too many new elements and everything can get wrapped up in the last five pages leaving the reader to wonder what happened.

This story, carefully and poetically guides the reader through scene after scene. There’s never really too much or too little. The areas I found wanting more from leave a window open for other stories to fill in, so I can’t be critical about it. Between Worlds combines humor, mystery, a little horror and a dash of romance. Hitting multiple genres in one book is a goal for every writer.


The characters are even more memorable in this book than its predecessor. I feel the apprehension in Michael, the playful spirit of Kate and the humorous adventurer in Luke. Brink adds some comic relief when needed and her other characters filter in lovely. I would say that the crew in Cemetery Tours became a little flat between JT and Peter, I found myself not associating with them just because they didn’t have a large role, which isn’t that big of a thing. I do wish a little more emphasis on Emily since her and Michael revealed to have so much in common. Hopefully she makes a cameo in the next book?


I love the subtly and colors used in the cover of Jacqueline’s book. I always judge a book initially by its cover (we all do) and I would display it proudly. It gives me a sense of creepy, nostalgic and romantically haunting all in one.

Final Thoughts

Haunted house and/or ghost books are saturated in October. Finding Jackie on her WordPress site was a fortuitous one. Seeing her grow as an author a few steps ahead of me gives me hope that I will continue to get better just like she has. It’s been a blast following her and getting to know her outside of fictitious tales on her site. I look forward to more works with her and hope I can call her a friend.


Find Jacqueline’s books through her links below and check out her other links to various outlets below!

Cemetery Tours

Between Worlds (Cemetery Tours Book 2)


A Time to Reap, Journey of 1000 Miles

It’s Official

The 1,000 mile journey is over. What’s that mean? It means there is a new author born into this world, birth date of 8/1/2014. Won’t you help me celebrate? If you want that one, last good read of the summer or something you can easily get into between the other series you are invested in, please click on the image below. It’s selling right now as an e-book for $2.99. That’s less than a gallon of gas or a gallon of milk. And I guarantee my book will last longer and never spoil.


A Time to Reap

For Just Pennies…

Take a moment and think about the following story.

This is Jeffrey – Jeffrey S. Lee

He was born with a rare disease, called Dog Ear Disorder. Normally, these abnormalities occur internally from book to book. But Jeffrey was born out of the shipping box this way. It’s a crease formed went a page (or in this case, cover) is bent for extended periods of time.

Although Jeffrey’s case is unfortunate, he has the best outlook towards his long and fruitful life. Follow along as Jeffrey and I take on the world one page at a time. Look forward to more pictures with Jeffrey in the future.

If you yourself would like to adopt a book in need, please click on the link provided. For what amounts to just pennies a day, cases like Jeffrey’s can be overcome. There are countless numbers of these books simply looking for good homes with a Kindle, a Nook or any various e-Reader. Soon, they will be needing shelves or a coffee tables to rest upon.

Adopt a Jeffrey today. Save that mocha latte for tomorrow. CLICK HERE



Kids, Entertain Yourselves

Daddy’s busy…

Poo Burglar


Just Laugh

I got nothing today… Enjoy this Text from Dog



Amanda Lyle {Showcase}

This Thursday’s showcase features a blogger that always makes me take a step back and chuckle. InsidetheLifeofMoi covers a range of topics from the Man Flu to Facebook Pet Peeves. She’s interesting to say the least and her applicable stories always provide whimsical imagery along the way. I don’t know a lot personally about this blogger past her being entertaining since there wasn’t much for contact info, but please go and give Amanda Lyle’s site a look and enjoy this all to familiar tirade on the world that is Facebook. Feel free to thank me later.


A Little Something

I Got Nothin

I feel like this some days…



Ryan Attard {Showcase}

This traditional Thursday, I am actually providing a two-for-one. Ryan Attard is a writer, blogger and podcaster I have come to enjoy. He has humor I can enjoy and make sure to strap in tight during podcasts as the topics come up from anywhere his mind chooses to travel. Humor is never far away, so give him a listen and follow him. His podcast in this blog is an interview with another author, Sorin Suciu who is equally hilarious. Thank me later.

Ryan Attard

Today I interview humor fantasy author Sorin Suciu, so prepare to have your mind blow and your funny-bone tickled.

This guy is one of the funniest authors out there. He’s a true artist and something of a reclusive genius, and I’ve had the pleasure of being introduced to his debut novel The Scriptlings, when my manager dumped the novel in my inbox and asked for my opinion.

Here’s what I told him: “Holy shit . . . hahahahaha . . . This is so cool . . . hahahaha . . . who is this guy? Hahahaha . . . I need to pee.”

I may be paraphrasing.

This interview went smooth and sailing, and I’ve been willing to talk to this guy since the inception of the show.

Here’s a rundown of what I blab about:

– Me and my problems, then I ask you to go buy…

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Erin Lyon {Showcase}

I know, it’s not Thursday, but I missed last week and we will be waiting on a new story a little while longer. So, it’s double-up week! This week, I am pleased to share this blog by Erin Lyon. I’ve read through her posts and I always come back feeling better about myself whether through her humor or some of her self-depreciating stories. Kind of the macabre sense of humor I carry with me at times. Strangely, I think she’d do the same. Go check her blog out, now! Thank me later.

Erin Lyon

So, the connoisseur of poor decision-making thing.  People continually seem to get a chuckle out of that line.  But a connoisseur?  Really?  Since I’m a fan of dictionaries (and had to look it up anyway to see if I’d spelled it correctly), here you go:

: a person who knows a lot about something: an expert in a particular subject

I would say I qualify.  Clearly, since I am not dead or in prison, I can laugh about most of my poor decisions. And, because I enjoy humor at my own expense, here is a sampling, in no particular order:

  1. 1993 – At 20 years old, deciding to drive to Vegas to marry a guy I’d only known for 6 months…because it seemed like a good idea at the time. (Yes, I know that I said “in no particular order” and that sure as hell seems like it would be “Number…

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