I Have a Perfect Life

I have a perfect life. It might not be perfect for all, but for most. We all have a perfect life, mostly. When you peel away the masks, the Facebook friends, the accolades. We surround ourselves with various friends showing us our many forms. We blend in, stand out and take note of those that … Continue reading I Have a Perfect Life

Before I Break the Tape

I've got about 20 feet to go before my 1000 mile journey is over. At this point, I'm walking into it. I want to enjoy it all. I am now getting my face out there in more places than I know what to do with. Click below to find out: Amazon Author Central GoodReads (Did … Continue reading Before I Break the Tape

Puzzle is Almost Complete

It's been a little while since I posted anything writer info related. I originally started this blog posting helpful hints and things to look for on my journey a few short months ago. It's been very eye-opening and now that my puzzle is almost complete, I see the picture and cannot help but reflect. Maybe … Continue reading Puzzle is Almost Complete