A Time to Live, The Next 1000 Miles

Time to Destroy Your Child

In a writer’s life, there are moments when we finish our manuscript and wonder, “what the hell did I just write?” Mainly, we’ve had a story going on in our brains for months at a time. Until it gets to those final paragraphs, nothing feels complete.

Then, one day, it’s over. The new story is created, birthed into existence. A shinning brother or sister to any previous works once fashioned. And it’s beautiful.

Breathe it all in… cause now it’s time to destroy your concepts, notions of grammar and everything you think makes you intelligent. There will be nowhere to hide, just clutch onto the root of your story and try not to lose yourself in the blizzard of what’s upon you.

Editing is Coming….


Journey of 1000 Miles


It’s been a small amount of time since I’ve been able to blog. Mainly, I have over-indulged in the solitude of no longer having to coach softball anymore this summer. So…laziness. Plus, I didn’t have much that wasn’t empty blogger calories.

But, now I’m back on track and waiting for my finished product to be born. #Excitment One thing I have been working on is a synopsis. These. Things. Suck. Donkey-Butt. How can one write an entire book and still have no clue how to paraphrase it all in a catchy way? Hence my title, this part has left me constipated for days.

Luckily, I have my very own Literary Godmother, J.B. Salsbury aiding me with her wisdom and experience. With some effort, I have finally got a somewhat hang of it. Perhaps if my story wasn’t so diverse and ever-changing it will be easier?

Anywho, any one want to share a link to their own synopsis? Show me how these things are done.