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Delays and Surprises

The first month of summer has unofficially begun and it is by far the most hectic and jam-packed of my year. Mainly, it’s because I help coach softball and when we aren’t practicing we’re playing. On top of that, I’ve been trying to squeeze out the last book in my Legend of Carter Gabel series for months, it seems.

Sadly, I tried to commit and stick to a release date that is not going to work out. Going off of many different, albeit loose, equations, my first round of edits will most likely reach me at the last possible minute, which is this Friday. I have a tournament this weekend out of town… yes, with that math and possibly two more rounds of editing, formatting and getting the final cover layout for paperback. June 9th is far too close for me to assume I’ll have a finished copy ready by next Monday.

Sorry, I was pretty good at math, but managing the Indie aspect alone in this chaos between the PayPal incident, softball, my daughter’s first prom and a lot of little things crammed in-between, I feel like I’ve let a lot of waiting people down. Amazon has punished me for my lack of judgement by saying I can’t use pre-order for a year now… I guess I’m grounded?

So, the best I can do is say the release is moved now to 6/30/17. If it’s done sooner, trust me, you’ll get it sooner. I hate to put this off one second let alone three weeks, but I can’t change it again and if something catastrophic put the placeholder out instead of the finished MS, you’d be equally disappointed.

But there’s some good news!

I’m working on a new story!!

It’s called American Red. It’s a nod to horror and mystery and it involves two young brothers who are possessed by demons. These demons tempt them to use powers they now possess at the risk of letting the demons control more of their bodies. When an apparent kidnapping takes place at their school, the boys have to decide whether or not using those powers is worth the risk.

I’m currently posting it out on WattPad as I finish each chapter. So, it’s unrefined, but I’m pretty happy so far. Please give it a shot, share it, share whatever you think about it! I’ll keep posting chapters out there as long as I stay ranked, but my ranking is dropping so I need your help!

Come have a look-see as we wait for the last in the trilogy to makes it’s way here!

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The Next 1000 Miles

The End of the Beginning

Sorry about Monday, everyone. I tried to hold it off, but it was just too powerful for me to stop.

But hey, with Monday’s, I’ll be bringing you updated posts on book progress, upcoming events, and all the little things in between. As some of you may know by now, the last installment in the Legend of Carter Gabel series is in the primping stages.

Which is basically a whole lot of reading and annoyance at my own levels of thought and continuity. It’s a lot like this:

Then… once I’ve polished it up as best as I can and get it to a decent level of reading I will turn it over to the professional editors. The pain and horror will be intense and humiliating, I’m sure. Like so…

Afterwards, I’ll have the final installment of my first series. It will mark the end of the first leg in my journey towards becoming a full time writer, at least that’s the dream.

With all of that, I will be wanting some help from any fans and friends interested in an ARC with the intention of posting reviews and promoting for me on release day. I’ve got about 5 who committed in the past, but I think 10 is a nice number to have, so if anyone is interested, please let me know so I can add you to the list.

To anyone and everyone; thank you for reading this, liking anything I’ve posted and being close by me on this initial plunge into something I love doing. I hope to see you close by as I start out on the second leg of this wonderful journey.

The Next 1000 Miles, Upcoming

Back From Hibernation

So, it’s been months since I posted. I’d like to say I was backpacking or researching or been hammering out novels one after another. No, I’ve just been living life and getting caught up with it at every turn. And who wakes up and stretches their arms out all refreshed?! I’m more like this kid:


For those of you not familiar with me, I write the Legend of Carter Gabel series. It’s a time-travel YA Sci-Fi novel about a kid who can spontaneously travel back in time but soon finds out that those aren’t his only gifts. I have the first two books out right now <shameless plugs at the bottom>. AND I’m still working on the third. BUT I totally plan on having it cranked out by the fall.

What’s Been Going On?

I have spent the last few months combing back through my books, taking out the unnecessary and shaping up the structure a bit. Overall, I love this story even more now and those I taxed with re-reading it agree it flows so much better.

I have been cranking up the world generator for my next series and even a couple more singular ideas in the wings. I fully plan on starting the writing process as soon as I get Carter out and in the hands of my editor.

On top of that, I’ve helped out a few writer friends with their own work.

What’s Going On Now?

Currently, I help coach a U14 softball team and the season is just wrapping up (Go Adrenaline!). Those twelve young ladies have a lot of my free time and they’re totally worth it. Check out my Instagram at the bottom.

I am looking forward to a YouTube video that will be coming out on Tuesday. I guest appear on the 69th episode of Book Nerd Paradise where I got to read a little bit of my work and there will even be a giveaway for a free copy or two just by commenting! Go check her out and watch for me this next week.

What’s Coming Up?

Soon, I will be diving further into the realm of Carter Gabel and with the end of the series, I will be taxing a few people to help me decide on the ending. #betareaders

I’m on WattPad!! I plan on posting little snipits and stories for the Carter Gabel series and the new one coming out soon. Come join me so I can follow you and your own journey!

Can you say Cross Country Nerds…? Stay tuned!

Oh! And Add My Books!! 




Blog Tour with Zach Chopchinski

Over the weekend, I was able to sit down with a great friend and fellow Indie author of mine, Zach Chopchinski. He is setting up to re-release his first novel, The Curious Tale of Gabriel, on March 25th. Take a few minutes and listen along to see a smidge of our hi-jinx.

Author Bio:

Zachary is 27 and lives in Florida with his lovely wife, Layla. The two of them share a home with their four fur-children.

Zachary has degrees in Criminal Justice and Criminology. He had two short stories and a poem published by Ohio State University. Zachary has always had two passions in his life, criminal justice and writing. After spending nearly 5 years working in security, he decided it was time to give his other passion a chance.

Zachary is very much a family man and when he is not deep in writing, he can be found spending time with his family, playing video games or contemplating his next story idea.

Author and Book Links:

Where to buy the book:

The first edition of the book can be found on the following sites. However, the second (expanded) edition will be available on March 25.

Amazon: http://www.amazon.com/Curious-Tale-Gabrielle-1/dp/1508423938/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1453249542&sr=8-1&keywords=The+Curious+tale+of+gabrielle

From Me (cheaper rates): http://zachchop.com/mywork/

Smashwords: https://www.smashwords.com/books/view/524345

Google Play: https://play.google.com/store/books/details/Zachary_Paul_Chopchinski_The_Curious_Tale_of_Gabri?id=k4XjBgAAQBAJ&hl=en

Connect with me on social media

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Zachary-Paul-Chopchinski-772308849490741/?ref=aymt_homepage_panel

Website: http://zachchop.com
Tumblr: http://an-author-and-his-books.tumblr.com

Twitter: https://twitter.com/ZachChop

Goodreads: https://www.goodreads.com/author/show/9853623.Zachary_Paul_Chopchinski

A Time to Live, The Next 1000 Miles

Time to Destroy Your Child

In a writer’s life, there are moments when we finish our manuscript and wonder, “what the hell did I just write?” Mainly, we’ve had a story going on in our brains for months at a time. Until it gets to those final paragraphs, nothing feels complete.

Then, one day, it’s over. The new story is created, birthed into existence. A shinning brother or sister to any previous works once fashioned. And it’s beautiful.

Breathe it all in… cause now it’s time to destroy your concepts, notions of grammar and everything you think makes you intelligent. There will be nowhere to hide, just clutch onto the root of your story and try not to lose yourself in the blizzard of what’s upon you.

Editing is Coming….


Journey of 1000 Miles

Editing Frick n Frack

Writing is taking an overgrown lawn and mowing it. Editing is actually picking up all the grass, disposing of it and making the place look presentable.

As an author update, today marks the start of my professional edits. Red Adept Publishing has been hired by me in order to produce a well-rounded story and to make certain I’m not putting out less than what I would find readable. So, in two weeks, there will be the process of back and forth reviewing and aligning the story. Hopefully by the end of June/first part of July, the awesomeness will be complete.

After that point, it’s on to formatting, a couple of tax hoops and on to the public. I am really pushing for a late July release, but since it’s my first book, I could be overestimating. Let’s see… Oh and I’ve included a status on other projects below. In case you’re curious.

A Time to Reap (Editing)

A Time to Live (Writing)

A Time to Die (In Concept/Layout)

Bash Poker (Short Story in Concept)

Out of the Dusk (Complete, Awaiting Professional Edits)

Into the Dawn (In Hiatus, Partially Completed)

A Time to Reap, Journey of 1000 Miles

Leaps and Bounds (pun intended)

My journey of 1,000 miles is arranging travel to go from walking to driving soon. I am in the process of getting my manuscript prepared to go to an editing firm in order to make it polished for self-publishing. So, with luck, by late summer I will be propelled a good 800 miles into my initial journey.

I still plan to look for a literary agent after publishing, but I have to get started on what I consider my passion. With or without help. It’s kind of how I am, I get an idea and I maul it down like a Yorkie with a squeaky toy.

So, the path to publishing my novel dealing with Carter Gabel is underway.

Journey of 1000 Miles

What the Farkle?

Strolling along on my Journey of 1,000 Miles, I came to a fork in the road. We all hit these moments of near impasse. It’s the realistic moment of choosing to go forward down the intended road, shrouded in fog and uncertainty or continue to trek along the familiar ground you’ve been on. Left or right.

Last night, I had a consult with an editing firm, Red Adept Publishing. For a small fee, they go over roughly five pages of your work with you via Skype, line by line. Another good one I recently worked with while deciding was Brittany Foster. She provided a brief look into what to expect and was equally wonderful. I admit, thinking of spending money on an editor in my mind sounded ridiculous. I mean, I have Beta-Readers for God’s sake and read this story over and over again. What good will the editor do?

Holy cheeseballs, I was teleported (no pun intended) back to English class and realized the things I did repeatedly, what I did incorrectly and how to adjust the way I write. We may be the drivers of our stories, but editors have the map.

It’s somewhere the equivalent to going to school naked but still learning something. So, I sat there and was shown on nearly every sentence some of the technical mistakes I was guilty of performing. I attribute the feeling to an 8-year old boy who is confident he is the best baseball player in his division. And then someone shows you how you need to play when you go up to the next league. Needless to say, I still plan on playing in this metaphor, I just need coaches in order to get better and that is exactly what an editor should do.

Choose your editor wisely and make sure it’s the one that speaks to you. As I was told, no book is perfect, there are always at least 20 mistakes someone in any given novel no matter who edits it. Last night, on top of the vast editing research, I’m debating which road to go. Whichever way I decide to venture, it will certainly be the path that leads me to publishing.

So, good news, the pace I was setting along this journey just got faster. Bad news, the title of this blog meant nothing. I just wanted to use the word Farkle. Thank me later.

Journey of 1000 Miles

Editor’s Minefield

When it comes to editing, a lot of writer’s cringe like going from a hot tub to an ice bath. For me, it’s like a calculated sweep of a mine field. If I uncover something by mistake, BOOM, I am picking up the pieces of a whole new series of thoughts and outcomes.

Editing always inspires me to become better and generally gives me new ideas either for the story at hand, the tone it reflects or a new direction altogether. So, editing can be the longest process in the world for me. Hence, I have started relying on Beta Readers to help me out for their gracious feedback.

A new trick, which I am now sharing with you, is to read your work out loud while you go. I used to skim and plow through descriptive paragraphs and overlook obvious catches because in my brain-box, I already knew everything the characters were doing. So, for me it was just seeing the same landscape over and over. But talking out loud, I was able to find how some word combinations were troublesome, missing words and just plain off.

Try it out on a chapter of yours you are working  on. Heck, even if it’s a report, an email or anything.

Journey of 1000 Miles

The Things You Want vs. The Things You Need

It’s the classic debate going on in most people’s mind on a daily if not weekly basis. For most of us, this comes as a monetary decision. Do I buy the <insert needless thing here> or do I buy groceries… For me, I go through the same things as a writer. I have plenty of tweaks and additions in a story. My mind plays out the scene and I am swept up in the moment. Then the inevitable happens, editing. I have to take out various “cool” things because they aren’t necessary. They were just things going on in my mind and I’d have to find a place for them later. I have literally thousands of Snippits hanging out in a file somewhere.

The trick to editing/budgeting/moderating anything in life is trying to look at the want and need side by side. For editing, I think of readers and if they will benefit from the scene or if it will just confuse them later. For budgeting, I always think of ways to trim down on the things I need so I can save for the things I want. Maybe I go generic for a month or bypass the dessert/fast food for awhile.

Try looking at any of your wants from the perspective of your audiences (readers, family, dependents, etc.). Once you are able to have some give and take in those departments, you’d be surprised how the things you want don’t seem as necessary. That or you find that obtaining them is far more rewarding once all of the needs in your life are met.