The Next 1000 Miles

Empty Suitcase

Anyone remember an old post of mine? Please, Don’t Open the Suitcase of Bees. Well, guess who did that? Yup… but, a few puffy marks and terrified, girlie shrieks later and I’m fine. Mainly, a couple of things happened. My crowd funding ended and I got a “review” back from another author.

Why are those bad?, you may be asking. Well, they aren’t in context. The crowd funding was a lesson in trying to pace myself. I looked into going too fast and poor planning was my downfall. That and a low fan count. The author, well, let’s just say after reading his comments, it wasn’t an official review, I started thinking that I’m terrible at the thing I love doing.

Self-reflection and plenty of ice cream later… And I realize I’m a new writer. Not unpopular, but unknown. I’m still finding my legs in this business and will make mistakes on my own. In actuality, I think I’m doing okay for carrying most of this burden alone, save for a couple of readers out there helping me initially. No marketing team, funds, agents or publishing houses are in my corner yet.

So, the next book… Funding has made it possible to proceed onto the next phases and with luck, book two will be ready for release in early 2015. Cover art is under way, editing (ugh!) is already in full swing and hopefully this next book will be better than the first.

A big thank you to all of my crowd funders, as anonymous as you tend to be. Without your help and support, this venture would have fallen short of expectation and a book release would have been possible more in the areas of Winter 2015. You are all in my thoughts and your generosity makes me feel like I’m on the right track.


A Time to Live

Who Wants to be In a Book?

I started a crowd funding campaign nearly a month ago, it initially got a lot of friends and family invested and I was so thankful and humbled in the same respect. This is closing in on the last week available for people to contribute. There are many great prizes that are still available to go along with your donation, so I hope if you are able to get your “pre-order” in that you will take a look. Otherwise, if you could simply pass the word along, that would be excellent.

The campaign ends on October 29th and yes, like the title states, one of the options is to become a character within the book! Check them out!

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A Time to Live, The Next 1000 Miles

I Ain’t Too Proud To Beg

Like TLC mentioned in their song, or the Rolling Stones before them or even possibly The Temptations, we all drop our dignity in lieu of the things we want. Hence my post today…

As an author, I have more thoughts than I have free time. My sequel is already complete. Yes, complete! The issue is, I just released my first novel only two months ago and those royalties / popularity / ratings are starting to ramp up, but slowly.

As an Indie, I rely on myself for everything and as much as I love being patient, I have an itch when it comes to getting things completed for people, especially fans!

So, I have started a crowd funding project to help get the major things covered get this ball rolling. My hope is to get funded for the amount in order to push a book out by February. I hope that if you have time to take a look and have an interest that you’ll help me keep living my dream.

Please feel free to check out the link below to find out more and the prizes that go along with them!

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