Out of the Dusk (teaser)

It was the closest thing to flying Victor Vargas experienced. The wind whipped through his hair and it was hard to breathe from the force of the air pushing against his face. The afternoon was cool, but the sun felt warm on his skin giving him a sense of balance. Victor knew he was dreaming. … Continue reading Out of the Dusk (teaser)


“- sandwiches!” I finish exclaiming as I flash back into Eva’s kitchen. My cool points were pretty far gone after I lost my temper and realized my girlfriend was stranded in the kitchen with a couple of strangers and an absent-memory Eva. I was partially hoping my absence was, for the most part, unnoticed. I … Continue reading Regret

She’s Going to Be so Peeved

The one thing breaking my concentration beyond my caregiver lying on the ground was her daughter. I immediately thought she had also fallen unconscious and would tumble down the stairs at any minute. I flashed into the stairwell just as the front door latched. Scarlett looked dizzy at first but soon shook off the imbalance. … Continue reading She’s Going to Be so Peeved

Took the Words Right Out of My Mouth

Now, I handled things very calmly. Maybe a little too calmly. All things considered in my past, a grandson in a state of unconsciousness is rather small on the scale of freak-outs. I calmly made the peppermint mocha for Junk, even upsized him and gave a little whipped cream and chocolate shavings. No cost. “So, … Continue reading Took the Words Right Out of My Mouth

If It Just Wasn’t So Damn Sad

{SPOILER ALERT - Go here to read the story before this story. You can thank me later by telling all of your friends} In the aftermath of action movies, you know what they never show you? Assimilating back into “real life” and picking up some sort of normalcy. You know why they don’t show you … Continue reading If It Just Wasn’t So Damn Sad

Into the Dawn (teaser)

Into the Dawn   A year doesn’t seem like a long amount of time. It sounds as if it were a simple, passing thing. But a year is how long one man waited in order to start his son out on a journey of epic proportions. As most fathers do, they hope that their children … Continue reading Into the Dawn (teaser)

TTTG Ch. 8: In the Days When Judges Ruled…

Mom went and dropped the bomb on Mo and I in regards to taking down our school. Now, I was curious about the last part in why we needed to. I was all for not going back to school, but I had a feeling that another would simply spring up in its place. “Why are … Continue reading TTTG Ch. 8: In the Days When Judges Ruled…

TTTG CH. 7: After the Death of Joshua

The abrupt departure of my mother left Mo and I standing and debating the mind-reader scenario for a while. After a stalemate of ideas, we moved on to the possible scenarios of who would want to kill Mo and why. Our suspect list included the Deslin twins and possibly faculty at our school. The list … Continue reading TTTG CH. 7: After the Death of Joshua

TTTG Ch. 6: After the Death of Mo…

I admit it; I was embarrassed in this specific instance. So much, I refused to let go of Mo until she swore she would not open her eyes, even a crack. I think she was starting to think I was some kind of pervert until she listened to the ruckus of embarrassing thoughts catapulting in … Continue reading TTTG Ch. 6: After the Death of Mo…