Calling All Writers!

I am certain we have all seen or been tempted by the idea of a collaboration with another writer for ideas or expansion into another genre beyond our wheelhouse. This is not a collaboration. This is combat. Literary speaking combat.

I am looking to those out there that may have interest in being part of a club. We will choose a topic/theme/genre or word and two authors will “battle” by writing a short story or teaser roughly 1500 – 3000 words in length. Fans, readers and participants can vote on which story prevails. Think of it as Epic Rap Battles meets Poetry Slam meets Fight Club with a pinch of Thunderdome in there.

The Club will not start until October 1, but I want to get a potential list going by early September to start pairing writers up against one another (and yes, I will have my hat in the ring as well). I want to find at least 10 interested writers (I have already heard interest from 2 before I started this post) and can take up to 20 initially. Depending on the Club size, we will post a battle weekly if not semi-weekly. We will try to implement a bracket once things start rolling. Each work is not going to be published, will maintain basic copyright laws and is mainly for fun and to get your work/name rotating out there.

All writers are welcome to apply, whether you’re published, unpublished, Indie, poets, bloggers or the occasional writer. Time commitment is up to you, but if it’s your first time, you’ll have to write. Simply email with a link to your work, or a portion of your writing (I won’t open attachments, sorry).

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It’s coming…


Journey of 1000 Miles


This is not the Swedish pop band from the early 70’s. ABNA is the Amazon Breakthrough Novel Award. This is the contest I entered on Sunday. It’s put on through CreateSpace which is a site I suggest for any downtrodden writers thinking about self-publishing. If you don’t have an account, they’re free and you can get rid of it afterward. But it’s free to join and they take the first 10,000 entries total. The deadline is March 2nd, so if you ever wanted to try and expand your horizon, this is it.

The first phase is writing a pitch. Granted, you will have to submit a pitch, 3-5,000 word sample and a full manuscript when you enter (can’t just go a step at a time). From there, they will select 400 entries in each genre. Those 400 will have their samples read and judged by select Amazon Vine reviewers and editors to select 100 to go on to the quarter finals. The Quarter Finals will have editors go through and review the full manuscript and weeded down to the Semi Finals consisting of 5 writers per category. A Grand Prize winner will be selected by Amazon readers and receive a $50,000 advance and have their book published on Amazon. The runner ups will get a $15,000 advance and have their book published.

If nothing else, it’s an experience to attempt. And, if editor’s read your work, guess what? Your name is getting out their a little at least. So, give it a shot if you’re willing. Links are below!



Create Space

A Time to Reap, Journey of 1000 Miles

You Won’t Win if You Don’t Try

And no, this is no reference to the Denver Broncos from last night (may their chance rest in peace). I have learned of a writing contest coming up in the next few weeks. The Amazon Breakthrough Novel Award Contest begins on the glorious day of February 16th, so what better treat than to submit my little story to see how it plays out in a contest? At first, I thought to myself, “Why bother? I’d have like a 1/50,000 chance of making it.” Then I remembered there was a suitcase full of bees I have been carrying around for quite some time now and I had a finger on the latch. Then I asked the question, “Why not me?” I’ll be entering that contest and whether I make it to the next round, the finals or actually win, why live in constant judgement instead of simply doing it?

As we reach points in our lives, we have to be ready for adversities. Each great thing will have an an equally great obstacle before it. Getting published is tumultuous, I’ve learned. Have I given it %100 attention? No. I have a job, a family and other things that must come first. After that, there are distractions such as TV, birthdays, get-togethers and a general want to just be inactive. In the last month, I have been focusing a lot on my physical health, finances and relaxing when not at my normal job. It’s time to get back into the life I want and schedule time for it like I do anything else.

Ask yourself, how many things do you in order to become better? How many of those things make you truly happy? I’m working on finding the balance for both. We all should. Ask yourself this question, What would make me feel complete with my life? For me, I want to publish and write books. Stories make me happy and sharing them fills me with a sense of joy. I ultimately want to publish between 7 – 10 stories as my first tier goal. After that my second tier goal is to see a story become a television show or movie. The main thing about my goals is that I don’t really care about how much money they pay me. Granted, I would like to see enough to support my whole family, but I want these things mostly because I like doing them.

Stephen King had a quote that says, “Talent is cheaper than table salt. What separates the talented individual from the successful one is a lot of hard work.” Nothing could be truer to anyone in any profession.