Journey of 1000 Miles

Revolutions Not Resolutions

In a magical land of make-believe, there are ice cream sundaes that make you loose weight. Sitting around and doing absolutely nothing, indeed solves the problem. The less effort you put into something, the more it gets accomplished. And you CAN win the lottery, even if you don’t play.

And, back in reality, we will disregard everything make-believe stands to promise. It’s a hard road to go down if you want to be fit, successful, happy or wealthy. Name one person who made themselves an icon or role model who hasn’t struggled, trained or clawed their way to get there.

Being told “no” a hundred times will make you savor the “yes” when it does happen. This year will be a struggle, but I plan to make it the goddamn best struggle I can. I hope whatever plans you are setting in place, you make sure to stand when you could just sit, walk when you could stand and run when you could walk. If nothing else, this is for yourself. Any extra applause will only make your smile bigger.

Journey of 1000 Miles

Waiting Dulls the Blade

Over the weekend, I had a little time to recharge my blogging battery a little. I thought briefly of where I am at and where I was a year ago. I admit that it’s a far cry from the point in time when I was simply easing into content of no longer writing.

Yes, at one time, I was reaching a stalemate with my inner self. Luckily, as most decisions go in life, you have to get to that breaking point before you see the value. Once you get there, a clarity reaches through and pulls you in the right direction. Call it intuition or a gut feeling, but in that split second we can choose what matters to us.

If there is anyone out there, teetering on what they truly want to do, I have a test for you. Make two decisions, a heads and a tails. Commit to the notion that whatever the outcome, you will go with it. For instance, heads I pursue publishing and tails I keep it as a hobby and focus on my career. Flip that coin in the air. On the way down, you will tell yourself which side of the coin you want it to land. Deep down, we know what we want. We just have to be bold enough to stand up for ourselves and do it.

Bravery is not the absence of fear. It is the willingness to act in spite of it.

So, take that random quote and be prepared to venture into the possibilities of heartache and loss in order to fight for what you truly want to be in life. Make it yours, make it memorable and make it happen now. Waiting will never make it hurt any less when you are rejected or told no. It will simply dull the blade that means to cut through you.

On a lighter note, tomorrow there will be no blog. Instead I will push out the second chapter in my Blogging Series, The Time Travelers Grandchild, for you’re viewing pleasure. YESSSS!!! It’s like movie day from grade school all over again!