Interview with Millie Ho

Today I had the pleasure of doing an interview with someone brand new and from the lovely country of Canada. The insightful Millie Ho was able to take some time with me this weekend and debate a few of the finer things with reading and writing. Come take a look and don’t forget to SUBSCRIBE and check out Millie’s page, channel, social media…well, everything.


Interview with Nina Soden

I was able to have my first returning interview last night! Now, this really is the first live interview we had, but I started my YouTube adventure with her as my guinea pig and somehow I was able to fool her again to coming back. The wonderful Nina Soden stopped by and we discussed her ever-growing collection of novels, the differences of paranormal vs supernatural and then I put her on the spot with a quick game of “name as many movies about…”

She’s a great person and as Indies, we should all try and check out what we’re capable of doing. Our community is large and strong, so let’s keep that mentality going. Check out her page and let her know that I sent you!


Interview with Lizzy Baldwin

This last weekend, after all of the nighttime explosions, BBQ’s and patriotism were past, I woke up to a wonderful Sunday morning. I was able to sit down with my favorite lady across the pond, the wonderful Lizzy Baldwin. I don’t get much interaction with my fellow bloggers, reviewers and authors except on social media, so to have a one-on-one visually was a treat. And not to mention she is one of the nicest people ever. We got to talk about her blogging start up and some of the nuances  with being a reviewer. At the end we play a little game of “guess the saying” US vs. England. Come take a look and don’t forget to SUBSCRIBE and check out Lizzy’s page.

The Next 1000 Miles

Your Fan-Size is So Big…

More tips…no pun intended from the title.

So, important thing, getting a fan base. Blogs are good at that but one important thing that I am constantly guilty of is running on and on and…on. Blogs should be short and to the point. Double the length of a Tweet and there you go. I say this because out of the blogs I read through end to end, about %10 keep me there if it’s lengthy.

That said, get a blog, keep it short and if you need to, post multiple times (part 1, part 2, etc..) It’ll be small and get some additional notice from those not looking around at the same time.

Now, how else do I get bigger? …to be continued…