The Next 1000 Miles, Upcoming

Back From Hibernation

So, it’s been months since I posted. I’d like to say I was backpacking or researching or been hammering out novels one after another. No, I’ve just been living life and getting caught up with it at every turn. And who wakes up and stretches their arms out all refreshed?! I’m more like this kid:


For those of you not familiar with me, I write the Legend of Carter Gabel series. It’s a time-travel YA Sci-Fi novel about a kid who can spontaneously travel back in time but soon finds out that those aren’t his only gifts. I have the first two books out right now <shameless plugs at the bottom>. AND I’m still working on the third. BUT I totally plan on having it cranked out by the fall.

What’s Been Going On?

I have spent the last few months combing back through my books, taking out the unnecessary and shaping up the structure a bit. Overall, I love this story even more now and those I taxed with re-reading it agree it flows so much better.

I have been cranking up the world generator for my next series and even a couple more singular ideas in the wings. I fully plan on starting the writing process as soon as I get Carter out and in the hands of my editor.

On top of that, I’ve helped out a few writer friends with their own work.

What’s Going On Now?

Currently, I help coach a U14 softball team and the season is just wrapping up (Go Adrenaline!). Those twelve young ladies have a lot of my free time and they’re totally worth it. Check out my Instagram at the bottom.

I am looking forward to a YouTube video that will be coming out on Tuesday. I guest appear on the 69th episode of Book Nerd Paradise where I got to read a little bit of my work and there will even be a giveaway for a free copy or two just by commenting! Go check her out and watch for me this next week.

What’s Coming Up?

Soon, I will be diving further into the realm of Carter Gabel and with the end of the series, I will be taxing a few people to help me decide on the ending. #betareaders

I’m on WattPad!! I plan on posting little snipits and stories for the Carter Gabel series and the new one coming out soon. Come join me so I can follow you and your own journey!

Can you say Cross Country Nerds…? Stay tuned!

Oh! And Add My Books!! 



Journey of 1000 Miles

Stuff N’ Things

As an author update, this week is going to fly by, so expect to see more texts from the dog and things like that. So, starting from first things first and onward:

  1. My editor has gone through my manuscript and we are setting up a meeting via phone to go over the first round of what I can only assume to be an eye-opening experience.
  2. I’m trying a collaboration with another amazing writer, Reenie Denver, and we’re just starting to see what might click and if all goes well, perhaps we will share a few passages along the way.
  3. I’ve been graciously asked/offered by my blog-buddy, Lizzy Baldwin, to take part in a blog tour which describes my writing processes and offers the opportunity to reach out to new readers and offer up some for my own suggestions to write along.
  4. I’m trying to renovate a kitchen wall this weekend, and since I have no clue how that gets done, it should be interesting.
  5. Thankfully, coaching U12 softball will be on break this weekend as the girls travel to another state with the two other coaches and I remain put (at least I pray).

So, busy, busy, busy is the life. Short is the reward. And hopeful is the payoff.

I may be posting some quotes from a couple of books I have recently dabbled into on Twitter, putting pics up on the Instagrams of some of this last weekends team shots (before the tournament was rained out) and of course keeping a heartbeat on Facebook as always.

Journey of 1000 Miles

Inspiring? Me? Okay.


Well, this is a first for me. I’ve been nominated (not sure who actually wins this sort of thing) for an Inspiring Blogger Award. Thanks, Erin, for handing over this lovely new age piece of chain mail. At the very least, now I know I’m in the running for your top 7 bloggers.

I guess now is when I tell you that future nominees (victims) are supposed to:

  1. Thank and link the person who nominated you.
  2. List the rules and display the award.
  3. Share seven facts about yourself.
  4. Nominate 15 other amazing blogs and comment on their posts to let them know they have been nominated.
  5. Optional: Proudly display the award logo on your blog and follow the blogger who nominated you.

Personally, fifteen sounds like a lot. Shall we make it 10? Great! Thanks for agreeing with me. Anywho, on to the stuff…

7 Facts:

  1. I could eat peanut M&M’s anytime, anywhere for any reason. Like green eggs & ham, they are good everywhere.
  2. Most people don’t realize that I’m a phenomenal baseball player. Not like professionally or anything, but I would hold my own anywhere else.
  3. My lifelong goal is to be on the set of a professional movie, in any capacity.
  4. I laugh at inappropriate things like junk punches and people falling on the ice. (sorry to anyone who has heard me)
  5. On long road trips I count in-between mile markers in a sequence. (1,1-2, 1-2-3 and in reverse) This is my strange compulsion, I don’t know why.
  6. I have a horrid fear of bees. If you tell me that they won’t do anything if I just stay still, my first move will be to punch you in the face before running away, arms flailing. Seriously, who does that shit? Those little flying helicopters of pain are bound to win any argument with me, because I immediately surrender my territory, food, child and money to make them go away.
  7. Lastly, I could carry on deep philosophical conversations all day if someone engaged them with me. Religion, science, politics you name it, I love having different viewpoints and opinions to respond to. Now, if you’re an obvious idiot or an asshat, I may be cutting the conversation short. I’m not a sounding board. Go talk to your reflection for that.

On to the Nominees (Doing this in Alphabetical Order so it shows no favoritism, but you know who you are):

Josie Ahlquist – Josie was one of the first people I started following on WordPress. She’s an inspiration to anyone who values education, as I do. She’s pursuing her doctorate in Higher Education Leadership and posts a lot on social media influences. There’s a lot more to this blogger, go check her out.

Lizzy Baldwin – The lady from My Little Book Blog is always a simple inspiration of what I hope to achieve in terms of helping people out. From witty quips to book reviews, she’s great.

Sarah J. Carlson – The American, living in Singapore, surrounded by Brits. Her fun tales of writing and travel always have me looking for more.

Jason Cushman – The infamous Opinionated Man. Anyone willing to speak their mind about anything without sounding like a complete bigot or a toolbox is inspiring in my book. He dabbles humor with common sense and puts out posts under two blogs. Not to mention he can write some pretty elegant stuff.

Jeyna Grace – This is my Self-Publishing inspiration. She’s getting things done in a major way and posts Harry Potter fan fiction on her site. Enough said.

Jenny Lawson – This lady cracks me up with every post.

Amanda Lyle – This cheeky monkey can brighten my day with her blog, Inside the Life of Moi. Her Dennis Miller style of ranting with pictures draws me in and makes me think of how I can be better. Two words for you, Amanda: Cat Jumpers.

Erin Lyon – {No Take-backs} And no, I don’t think you have to do this all over again. But, Erin is an inspiration for me. She likes my posts regularly and keeps me going on some days when I wonder like Pink Floyd “Is there anybody out there” – Also, a funny lawyer should be inspiration that life is worth living. Inspiring, Her Ass.

Ian Probert – If his stories don’t inspire you, his artwork should. Chapter by chapter releases on his site always have me wishing for more time in my day.

Shannon A. Thompson – I always find myself looking forward to her posts. She helps other writers, takes time to respond and has plenty of momentum.

There ya be, now go pick on other people and keep the cycle going.



Amanda Lyle {Showcase}

This Thursday’s showcase features a blogger that always makes me take a step back and chuckle. InsidetheLifeofMoi covers a range of topics from the Man Flu to Facebook Pet Peeves. She’s interesting to say the least and her applicable stories always provide whimsical imagery along the way. I don’t know a lot personally about this blogger past her being entertaining since there wasn’t much for contact info, but please go and give Amanda Lyle’s site a look and enjoy this all to familiar tirade on the world that is Facebook. Feel free to thank me later.