Journey of 1000 Miles

Oh, You Muth Have a Lot of Beeths

No, it’s not misspelled. Say it out loud to yourself. That’s right, we are resurfacing a recent topic of bees. In this setting, you now have bee stings all in your mouth, causing your tongue to swell and now you have a lisp. Why is that? You opened the suitcase full of bees and like the godless creature they are, they have stung you, taking away your voice. I told you not to, but you had to peek in there. Well, that’s okay. In future posts, I shall be referring to bees as the necessary little bastards that they are. They are the thoughts making us question ourselves, the critics who judge our work, and the non-fans who give it value.

At some point, in any profession or waypoint in our lives, we will begin to let self-doubt take hold. The question, is it good enough will never equate to am I good enough so never allow those two items to mix. It’s like crossing the streams from Ghostbusters. There will always come a time when you look down at the things you’ve created and want to crumple them up and throw them away. You may even look for that one opinion saying it’s crap, just so you can feel vindicated. Whereas it might seem bad, criticism is necessary. Like letting your child make mistakes to learn from, we have to accept the good and the bad.

If you can name one writer that everyone loves, please tell me. Everyone will dislike someone’s everything at some point. Sorry to pop your bubble of 100% awesomeness, but it’s true. As writers and authors, we are gardening constantly. We till the dirt of our imagination to plant a seed that hopefully grows into a blossoming idea and one day a story. Those that don’t are mulched up into the imaginarium earth again to fertilize the next crop. There will be weeds that spring up along the way, it happens. Weeds are the comments or actions by yourself or others sucking the life out of your thoughts, hoping you’ll stop and let them germinate. Don’t allow them to take root around your ideas. Pull those suckers out and move on.

Now, you know what happens when your garden begins to bud and the flowers start to bloom? Yes, those unholy flying savages, bees come into the picture. The trick (so I’ve been expressively told) is to remain calm and let them work. They will fly from blossom to blossom and help your garden of ideas grow. If you panic or run or stupidly attack them, they will retaliate and sting you. Let them do their thing so they can leave.

To clarify, I am speaking of opinion, not self-doubt. That is far different. So, when I tell you not to open the suitcase full of bees, it’s because someone put a swarm of those little assholes in a suitcase. Leave them there. Bees around your garden are different. They are the critics (professionally and unprofessionally) that come along to show you what kind of audience your work does not appeal to, what you could do differently or better. They voice their opinion and believe it or not, that helps. It’s still a voice, giving you notice and that will cause someone else to see what they’re talking about and give their opinion and so on.

The more your garden grows, the more bees you’ll have and need. So, while you looked in the suitcase like an idiot, you can stroll by someone else’s garden and take notice with your swollen tongue and say, “Oh, you have loth of flowerth, you muth have a lot of beeth.”

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Journey of 1000 Miles

Please, Don’t Open the Suitcase of Bees

“What does it take to get through to you?!?!”

This may be the question that you ask yourself if you are a stat-addict like myself. I have looked at stats from sites wondering why people looked at one thing and not another, why some received a “Like” while others sat blank. Well, my advice: drop that nonsense like a suitcase full of bees. You don’t need to carry it around and you don’t want to open it up. No-no, never open the suitcase full of bees.

Ever wonder, as an author and self-promoter, what your substantial yet quaint audience following is doing. If it’s constantly, you will only have the tailor measuring you for a straightjacket. Relax… this is not a sprint, this is a marathon. You can’t expect to race full speed down the track ahead of everyone only to have them all pass you by in the next five laps because you’ve exhausted yourself.

It’s a pleasure-me-quick type of world out there and as frequently as we’ll have to crank out new material, don’t expect the same in returning fashion for your needs, at least not yet. Realize that people have their own schedule and interactions. They will mention your work to others when the conversation suit it, which is not always going to be immediately. Not everyone is looking at you just because you’re waiting for them.

If you have time to sit and watch the screen as views and likes and whatnots accumulate then guess what? You should be writing. You should be dreaming. You should be planning.

Think to yourself, what do I do if my query letter is never accepted? Do I self-publish? Do I re-vamp? Do I hire an editor? Keep trying? Never stop submitting query letters, first of all. Someone will inevitably like your work, it just depends on how long. I mean, not to appear mean, but there is some true horseshit novels out there that I wonder what a publishing house was thinking about when signing. So, I am pretty certain that there is a genre for every and all stories.

However, if patience is a virtue that you traded in for creativity. Self-publishing is another avenue that we will have to discuss tomorrow. For now, keep the suitcase closed. Bees are evil. Honey or not, they want to destroy you.