You Have a UTD… Post

UPDATES: Okay, so I am going on vacation (or on holiday as some of my UK friends might say) the end of next week. I am hoping to get some posts made to schedule and keep everyone entertained as I have been slacking a lot on the blogging lately (like all of 2015). Currently, with … Continue reading You Have a UTD… Post

Ready, Set, … Tie Your Shoes, Go!

Hello citizens of the internet! First of all, I'm trying to be more diligent about a weekly post. I am failing at that spectacularly (if you have to do something wrong might as well give it 100%). I'd like to start reformatting my blog a little. My goal is to get out some stats once … Continue reading Ready, Set, … Tie Your Shoes, Go!

And You Thought Christmas Would Never Come

Just when you wondered what could possibly turn the worst day of the week into a not so bad day of the week. Well here it is! Sequel Time!! I have the cover below, done by the amazing Amanda Simpson at Pixel Mischief Design. On top of that... (like there could possibly be more) it's … Continue reading And You Thought Christmas Would Never Come

Dream a Little Dream

As an author, November has by far been my worst month. A steady flat-line has plagued my sales report all month. From the last sale on Halloween to today, not a thing. It's distressing and humbling, making me question a lot of what I'm doing right and what I'm doing wrong. Mainly, my largest fault … Continue reading Dream a Little Dream

Who Forgets How to Drive?

In my state, whenever snow touches the ground again for the first few days, it seems like everyone. As much as I'd love to give each idiot a physics lesson on what happens to water when it freezes, acceleration versus velocity, viscosity and all of that, I just hope that mother natures plan to thin … Continue reading Who Forgets How to Drive?

Getting Down to It

This is an update of sorts as well as a reflection and a promotion for upcoming things. Update: Proofreading is complete. Formatting should be set up and underway within the week. That means my first Manuscript will be available this month... Breath that in...hold it, THIS MONTH!! With that in mind, Reflection: When I was … Continue reading Getting Down to It

My Writing Process Blog Tour

Good morning, Imaginators! Today, I am posting my part in the great Writing Process Blog Tour! This is a great way to answer questions nobody asked me directly. It's like I'm reading your mind right now, almost. Some of you need to turn down the nudity...seriously. First and foremost, I have to thank my lovely … Continue reading My Writing Process Blog Tour

Editing Frick n Frack

Writing is taking an overgrown lawn and mowing it. Editing is actually picking up all the grass, disposing of it and making the place look presentable. As an author update, today marks the start of my professional edits. Red Adept Publishing has been hired by me in order to produce a well-rounded story and to … Continue reading Editing Frick n Frack