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You Have a UTD… Post


Okay, so I am going on vacation (or on holiday as some of my UK friends might say) the end of next week. I am hoping to get some posts made to schedule and keep everyone entertained as I have been slacking a lot on the blogging lately (like all of 2015).

Currently, with vacation and coaching U14 girls softball, I have a lot of my free time consumed. Out of town tournaments, practices and games have rested upon every other June weekend and into parts of July.

On the writing front, I am getting back into the swing of things with Carter and Co. but it has been rough mainly because I am still trying to keep it light-hearted but with Carter’s past adventures, his heart is heavier. The series I have in store afterward is half-complete with characters and other world-creation elements, so there is new flavor coming out in 2016 for sure. On a side note, I hope that any author reading this takes an interest in UtopYA 2016 taking place in Nashville, TN. Registration opens in a few weeks and gets filled pretty quickly from the sound of it. I plan on being there with some great company, but I won’t speak for them yet in case they can’t make it.

On the video front, for anyone tuning into my YouTube Channel, author interviews will start up again in July. I am trying like the dickens to get shape to the Awkward Author moments, but the lighting and flow has been off quite honestly. The Backward Author’s first bit is recorded, just not videoed. So, basically, July will see a lot more content. So go and subscribe pretty please!

On the sales front, my books A Time to Reap & A Time to Live are changing their price. Both will now be $2.99 (still a fuckle of a bargain in my opinion). I had my first signing a couple of weeks ago, it was great to have friends and family stop out and support my dream. Sold about a dozen copies and a few posters. One day I’ll have the option to buy a book on this site, for now I’m putting a pin in that as a goal for August.


On the stats front, I have never kept an accurate total of things for anything other than sales. I have seen others post their monthly totals for different venues and I always see it as inspirational. So, from June onward, I’ll be tracking my progress on posting, writing and anything else in-between. So look for those numbers July 1st.

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Ready, Set, … Tie Your Shoes, Go!

Hello citizens of the internet!

First of all, I’m trying to be more diligent about a weekly post. I am failing at that spectacularly (if you have to do something wrong might as well give it 100%). I’d like to start reformatting my blog a little. My goal is to get out some stats once a week and an update to go along with it. Also, I am trying to get my YouTube a little more solidified.

With that said, I am looking for authors I can pencil in for interviews via Google+ Hangouts. Those will go up on YouTube for anyone who misses the live feed. Additionally, I will try to add little videos about becoming an author (from my perspective of course) and my own little version of a book review. The book reviews will become a monthly staple, first one I have set is The Paper Magician by Charlie N. Holmberg. Interviews will pop up when they can and videos at least once per week.

As you wait for the next tiddly-bit of wisdom or lack thereof, go and check out this review by a wonderful blogger:

Liv the Book Nerd

A Time to Live, The Next 1000 Miles

And You Thought Christmas Would Never Come

Just when you wondered what could possibly turn the worst day of the week into a not so bad day of the week. Well here it is! Sequel Time!! I have the cover below, done by the amazing Amanda Simpson at Pixel Mischief Design. On top of that… (like there could possibly be more) it’s officially available for pre-orders!! Just click HERE.

A Time to Live

A Time to Reap, The Next 1000 Miles

Dream a Little Dream

As an author, November has by far been my worst month. A steady flat-line has plagued my sales report all month. From the last sale on Halloween to today, not a thing. It’s distressing and humbling, making me question a lot of what I’m doing right and what I’m doing wrong. Mainly, my largest fault is my impatience, followed closely by imagination.

We’re all our own worst critics, but there has to be a time when it becomes clear once again that our writing is basically wonderful. Maybe we have some grammatical kinks to iron out or some issues with flow, but in all, we’ve written a story. A STORY! Think to yourselves about a friend or family member who has a dream and if they achieve it or even try to. Have they? Well, I have. Soon to be twice!!

The point is, for all of the negative feedback, the criticism and growing pains associated with my writing, I achieved a lifelong goal. And the age old question of what now has loomed above. We all want our stories to do well, but alone, without an agent, a publishing house or it being a full-time job, what can be expected? Lightning doesn’t strike when and where you want it. I must learn to dream big, expect small and hope for whatever should happen, will happen.

In the giving spirit, I have a book giveaway happening right now on Goodreads, feel free to put your name in and hopefully you’ll become one of the lucky ones! It runs until the 16th of December and is absolutely free and anonymous. Another item I plan on doing is what I’d like to hope as the Pay it Forward method.

I am going to give three digital copies away. One on WordPress, one on my Facebook Page and one on my Twitter page. It’s first come, first serve. I’ll gift it to your Kindle with no real expectations or obligations. My hope, if you enjoy the book, try to Pay it Forward. Gift a copy, or three, to someone you know that might like it. If you don’t, I understand, it’s a gift for $1.29. No harm no foul. So, be the first to respond and I’ll get in touch with your info and you have a free book. My Merry Christmas to you!

And if you’re still debating to start on a dream of your own, my only advice is to start now. There will always be another dream waiting.

A Time to Live, A Time to Reap, The Next 1000 Miles

Who Forgets How to Drive?

In my state, whenever snow touches the ground again for the first few days, it seems like everyone. As much as I’d love to give each idiot a physics lesson on what happens to water when it freezes, acceleration versus velocity, viscosity and all of that, I just hope that mother natures plan to thin the idiots from the herd doesn’t have me as a bystander.

Onto the new stuff. So, the next book is in my own preliminary edits (my own personal hell) before going to the pros in December. In the spirit of giving, I have another Goodreads giveaway up for diligent fans, the link is below. Totally free, it will ask for your address only because I’d have to mail you a copy if / when you win.This will be the last giveaway I have for A Time to Reap, so I hope you can all give it a shot.

I am planning on doing a cover reveal for the sequel, A Time to Live, in the month of December. It’ll be fairly small depending on the size of the crowd, but you can ask questions (book or non-book related), have a chance to win prizes and help me spread the word. So, keep your eyes peeled or come join me on the Facebook!

Goodreads Book Giveaway

A Time to Reap by Jonas     Lee

A Time to Reap

by Jonas Lee

Giveaway ends December 16, 2014.

See the giveaway details
at Goodreads.

Enter to win

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Empty Suitcase

Anyone remember an old post of mine? Please, Don’t Open the Suitcase of Bees. Well, guess who did that? Yup… but, a few puffy marks and terrified, girlie shrieks later and I’m fine. Mainly, a couple of things happened. My crowd funding ended and I got a “review” back from another author.

Why are those bad?, you may be asking. Well, they aren’t in context. The crowd funding was a lesson in trying to pace myself. I looked into going too fast and poor planning was my downfall. That and a low fan count. The author, well, let’s just say after reading his comments, it wasn’t an official review, I started thinking that I’m terrible at the thing I love doing.

Self-reflection and plenty of ice cream later… And I realize I’m a new writer. Not unpopular, but unknown. I’m still finding my legs in this business and will make mistakes on my own. In actuality, I think I’m doing okay for carrying most of this burden alone, save for a couple of readers out there helping me initially. No marketing team, funds, agents or publishing houses are in my corner yet.

So, the next book… Funding has made it possible to proceed onto the next phases and with luck, book two will be ready for release in early 2015. Cover art is under way, editing (ugh!) is already in full swing and hopefully this next book will be better than the first.

A big thank you to all of my crowd funders, as anonymous as you tend to be. Without your help and support, this venture would have fallen short of expectation and a book release would have been possible more in the areas of Winter 2015. You are all in my thoughts and your generosity makes me feel like I’m on the right track.


A Time to Reap, Journey of 1000 Miles

Getting Down to It

This is an update of sorts as well as a reflection and a promotion for upcoming things.


Proofreading is complete. Formatting should be set up and underway within the week. That means my first Manuscript will be available this month… Breath that in…hold it, THIS MONTH!!

With that in mind, Reflection:

When I was first deciding in my teenage years that I wanted to become a writer, I really didn’t think it would take this long. The majority, if not entirety, of that time was me self-doubting, shuffling my feet, and expecting a sign from the heavens that I was doing the right thing. After realizing it was me or nothing, now or never, I started along this path last fall.

My first book complete, I submitted to agents in hopes that it would immediately get snatched up. A couple dozen attempts later and the air left my balloon of hope deflated. Then, I just started writing. I wrote things on my mind and started a story just for something to clear my head.

BOOM! A Time to Reap stepped forward and told me this is supposed to be fun. Thus my road to becoming an Indie author occurred. From February until now it felt like a graduation I was prepared for. I went through the motions, perfected and tweaked my words and immersed myself in a pool with like writers. Now, the day to walk the stage approaches and I hope I have friends, family and fans getting ready to cheer as I make the journey. The 1,000 miles is rounding marker 999 and my stomach tingles with excitement…and a little trepidation.


If anyone read yesterday’s passage, you may  have seen the idea for a Writer’s Project this fall. Write Club Fight Club has a page up already and fighters have already started emailing me. If you are interested, please check out the site, email the address listed there and see if you want to train and get in the ring. It is seriously all about fun and I’m excited to see how it goes! Please come on over and join or follow along. Tell your friends. I’m planning on inviting Neil Gaiman and Joe Hill via Twitter. I somewhat doubt they have the free time or want to participate, but hell, no risk – no reward.



My Writing Process Blog Tour

Good morning, Imaginators!

Today, I am posting my part in the great Writing Process Blog Tour! This is a great way to answer questions nobody asked me directly. It’s like I’m reading your mind right now, almost. Some of you need to turn down the nudity…seriously.

First and foremost, I have to thank my lovely friend, Lizzy Baldwin from MyLittleBookBlog. Lizzy and I have been appreciating each others blogs for a while now. She was kind enough to be my first reviewer when I was still in editing stages and continues following me. She has a great site, please go visit her.

On to the next portion, the Q & A:

What am I working on? Currently, I have a lot of pots on the stove and diligently attempting to stir them all. My first book that I plan on releasing in July (Indie-Style) is A Time to Reap. It follows the musing anecdotes of Carter Gabel who is afflicted with a genetic abnormality taking place in the future where people unpredictably travel back in time. Additionally, I am working on wrapping up the sequel to said series. AND I’m collaborating with the exquisite, Reenie Denver on a possible new story. We’re just starting to think of how to tackle our dynamic duo, so it’s in the beginner stages. Beyond that, I’m plotting out ideas for a YouTube channel and other marketing possibilities. So…working on a couple of things.

How does my work differ from others in its genre? Hmm, well it’s a conundrum just to ponder realistic time travel and such. Now I have to dive into what makes me special? That’s almost worse. My work (seriously) differs from others in the same caliber because I take you through not one shade of color but a spectrum. You won’t just be entertained with the plot, you will chuckle, then laugh, then feel the depth of drama, the romantic element between characters and the anger associated with decisions they’re faced with. And those colors can change from page to page in some areas. Be as prepared as you can for the twists.

Why do I write what I do? Why a YA-based story dealing with time travel and other nuances? Well, I originally started this story as a means to engage some readers while I attempted pitching my first complete work. Honestly, taking the pressure off from that more serious piece allowed my creativity to just explore. A Time to Reap reflects a lot of my personality through it in terms of being lighthearted.

As far as writing this type of story versus straight horror, mystery or romance, I think there is a different genre waiting to be born. All of these sub-genres don’t really speak to the gravity of emotions a certain type of story can take you on. I say this because when I think Sci-Fi, I don’t really think of my book. I think of space travel and phaser guns and shit. It’s not a fantasy filled with fairies or dragons. It’s not a horror with an unspeakable foe of nightmarish proportions. It’s life … with a twist. Fragile, wonderful, explosive and packed with the determination to entertain the reader in various ways.

How does my writing process work? Generally, I get ideas while driving. On occasion you might find me “talking on my speaker phone” when I’m actually playing out dialog aloud. I start with a little notion of what I want to accomplish and just start hammering the keys. At some point after the first page, I get lightning flashes of ideas on what a character would say or how character development might take place or simply a cool “look” that floats in my head. I swear I generally have to redo the first few paragraphs because of something I contradict later because I like it better.

Additionally, I could not get far without some music playing off my Bose ear buds. It’s usually melodic dubstep. Mainly, it has no lyrics I need to focus on and provides a beat keeping my mind constantly engaged. On certain circumstances, I actually paired my typing speed to the beat and the result was an action packed scene I dare not spoil.

Not to sound like a juggernaut, some times I have every intention of writing. I sit down and it’s like brain constipation. Pushing a thought out is borderline aneurism inducing. It’s rare, but in those instances I need to either read or get on the Netflix for something to kick-start me.

OK! That part is done. I could babble on and on, so it’s a good segue to the next and last portion of the Tour. The next round of talent!The following authors are set and ready to post their own section of the tour on July 7th. So, in order of their response to me:

{Ryan Attard} – I stumbled onto Ryan’s page through another blogger as I’m sure we’ve all done. I was listening to the podcast he has for this author and I enjoyed his random musings and entertaining rattles about whatever topic graced his mind at the time. Ryan is the author of the Birthright series, his second novel released a few weeks ago and you should check out the blog, read the books and let him know I sent you!

Ryan at Amazon and on GoodReads

{Reenie Denver} – I honestly saw a comment from Reenie on the Opinionated Man and followed the link down the rabbit hole until I made it to her site. And yes, I am collaborating with her currently an a project out of her element. Reenie has a very steamy page filled with the kind of things you should not read at work or small children. But…yes, there is a but, she also is able to craft her words into more than one area. Her short stories as well as her poetry display those characteristics remarkably. You should have clicked on something by now and know what I’m talking about.

{Honorable Mentions} I tried to get a few others, but they had either recently gone through the tour or were unavailable. Special thanks to Shannon A. Thompson and Sarah J. Carlson for taking part already and letting me know.

Journey of 1000 Miles

Stuff N’ Things

As an author update, this week is going to fly by, so expect to see more texts from the dog and things like that. So, starting from first things first and onward:

  1. My editor has gone through my manuscript and we are setting up a meeting via phone to go over the first round of what I can only assume to be an eye-opening experience.
  2. I’m trying a collaboration with another amazing writer, Reenie Denver, and we’re just starting to see what might click and if all goes well, perhaps we will share a few passages along the way.
  3. I’ve been graciously asked/offered by my blog-buddy, Lizzy Baldwin, to take part in a blog tour which describes my writing processes and offers the opportunity to reach out to new readers and offer up some for my own suggestions to write along.
  4. I’m trying to renovate a kitchen wall this weekend, and since I have no clue how that gets done, it should be interesting.
  5. Thankfully, coaching U12 softball will be on break this weekend as the girls travel to another state with the two other coaches and I remain put (at least I pray).

So, busy, busy, busy is the life. Short is the reward. And hopeful is the payoff.

I may be posting some quotes from a couple of books I have recently dabbled into on Twitter, putting pics up on the Instagrams of some of this last weekends team shots (before the tournament was rained out) and of course keeping a heartbeat on Facebook as always.

Journey of 1000 Miles

Editing Frick n Frack

Writing is taking an overgrown lawn and mowing it. Editing is actually picking up all the grass, disposing of it and making the place look presentable.

As an author update, today marks the start of my professional edits. Red Adept Publishing has been hired by me in order to produce a well-rounded story and to make certain I’m not putting out less than what I would find readable. So, in two weeks, there will be the process of back and forth reviewing and aligning the story. Hopefully by the end of June/first part of July, the awesomeness will be complete.

After that point, it’s on to formatting, a couple of tax hoops and on to the public. I am really pushing for a late July release, but since it’s my first book, I could be overestimating. Let’s see… Oh and I’ve included a status on other projects below. In case you’re curious.

A Time to Reap (Editing)

A Time to Live (Writing)

A Time to Die (In Concept/Layout)

Bash Poker (Short Story in Concept)

Out of the Dusk (Complete, Awaiting Professional Edits)

Into the Dawn (In Hiatus, Partially Completed)