What to Get Your Author for Xmas

Hint #1: It's Free!! Answer: A Review It may not seem like much, but to Indies, it's almost better than currency. A review or a rating on places like Amazon, GoodReads, a blog or any venue of social media is like seeing the storm clouds part and sun shinning directly on us. As an Indie, … Continue reading What to Get Your Author for Xmas

Iced Tiddly-Bits

Yup, junk punches take a while to overcome no matter how you ice them. This leads into our next lesson, preparations of bad news. Our novels and collections of the written word are very much like our children. We care for them, nurture them and at times grow tired of their shit. But, we love … Continue reading Iced Tiddly-Bits

Speeding the Last Mile

Ever left on a trip and that last fifteen minutes before you leave the house feel like you have a tornado in your brain? Do I have enough clothes, keys, cell phone, charger...toothbrush, etc? Lord, what have I forgotten?! I am like that presently with the book closing up. Formatting is my hurdle, getting all … Continue reading Speeding the Last Mile

A Couple More Inches

How many authors out there have powered through and produced thousands upon thousands of words? Creating worlds upon worlds, character after character is no small task. After all the places I've developed, people I concocted and scenarios they've encountered I must have filled enough pages to reach from one end of the city to the … Continue reading A Couple More Inches

Step 500 … or so? Have We Gone a Mile Yet?

Okay, I was toying around and daydreaming about speaking in front of a small audience about my work the other day. So, I decided to just type into a Search bar Author Questions. I clicked on what I saw first and copied the question and gave answers. At least this gives a little insight into … Continue reading Step 500 … or so? Have We Gone a Mile Yet?