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Ready, Set, … Tie Your Shoes, Go!

Hello citizens of the internet!

First of all, I’m trying to be more diligent about a weekly post. I am failing at that spectacularly (if you have to do something wrong might as well give it 100%). I’d like to start reformatting my blog a little. My goal is to get out some stats once a week and an update to go along with it. Also, I am trying to get my YouTube a little more solidified.

With that said, I am looking for authors I can pencil in for interviews via Google+ Hangouts. Those will go up on YouTube for anyone who misses the live feed. Additionally, I will try to add little videos about becoming an author (from my perspective of course) and my own little version of a book review. The book reviews will become a monthly staple, first one I have set is The Paper Magician by Charlie N. Holmberg. Interviews will pop up when they can and videos at least once per week.

As you wait for the next tiddly-bit of wisdom or lack thereof, go and check out this review by a wonderful blogger:

Liv the Book Nerd

The Next 1000 Miles

How to (not)Handle a Review

Truth be told, got a bad review last night, well, more like a rating. No comments, just a punchy 1-star. Bad reviews come with the job. People will have their opinions, everyone is not going to feel the same way about your novel. The difference in my mind comes down to a spectrum of readers.

The White:

These are people who have a penchant for reading, love all books and will generally give a 5-star to anything the sun touches. Mostly, these people will be family and close friends. A few new authors will remain in this category to not rock the boat and greatly upset the reads from other authors they take under their wing.

The Broad Spectrum:

This is where most people fall. They will go from their gut, rate it as the felt it while reading, and give some honest words. These people will range things between the 2 & 5-star areas. If you have gotten a 2-star review, they are horrid. It’s kinda like someone poisoned the tines of a fork and stabbed you. They are usually your audience and missed the mark in their opinion (you just hope they don’t influence too many other opinions in the process). Most of these people will give you their honest feedback as long as it’s anonymous, as far as the Internet is concerned.

The Dark:

Here we go. The trolls, the elitists, the high-brows and the jealous. Most of these people are out for very limited reasons and none of them are artistic, helpful or worthwhile. Generally, they will try and get under your skin, get a smidgen of your spotlight, feel jealous of your success, or want to flex some sort of superiority. Not all of these people will give you 1-stars, but you know them once you see them. They spout and boast their opinions in paragraphs, not sentences. Usually, your efforts are made to feel stale, ridiculous, labor-some, boring or a slew of other identifiers.

To note, I love opinions. I look for them everyday and even if they aren’t great, I appreciate the forwardness of admitting the lack of enjoyment my work may have brought someone. In other words, constructive criticism is always welcome. I’m not doing this to pout cause of one bad review or another.

And the rating, granted, it didn’t have a review with it. Just a lone 1-star out there, tarnishing the others. No big whoop, laugh that one off is how it generally goes. Yet, the fact that I knew the person made me go WTF? Okay, well, still hoping for some opinion, time passes and then I get this:


Hmm, well… That about does it. Stranger – glad you had your fun, ignore and go about my day. Acquaintance – that’s nice, well, when you publish your own book, let me know how well that guide treated you. Oh, and here was my recommendation back:


Go out there, be better than me… after you stop laughing 😉

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I’m Starving!

I feel like there is some sort of review diet going on? A fast of all things tasty and wonderful? Please don’t give me up for lent! I swear, I’m low calorie entertainment and I don’t think I’m too addictive.

If, by chance, this is a lent thing, please keep me in mind for when it’s over. I haven’t had a sale or review in about ten days. I’m withering away. Don’t be afraid to tell others, they don’t know me well enough to give me up just yet.

FEED ME, pretty please.

Pretend to FEED ME

I’ll be doing this in the meantime…



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If anyone reads off a Kindle or a Kindle app, have you noticed the dotted underline? Granted, I’m pretty oblivious once I’m in a story but noticing it the other day reminded me of the things I enjoy seeing from a reader. I am always so elated once I am able to see a reader respond. Not review necessarily, but things like stumbling on random quotes, thoughts and the things readers share simply do it for me. The following one made my day in two ways:

  1. I loved that this made her laugh
  2. I ended up laughing because I totally forgot I wrote it (you know how hard it is to make yourself laugh?)


The Next 1000 Miles

What to Get Your Author on Their Birthday

(hint, hint)

Your favorite author or an author you know has a birthday, just like everyone else. Granted, you may not know them personally, but you’d like to still recognize their special day. What to get them though..? Hmm… well, luckily, I’ve listed some suggestions varying from free to pretty darn inexpensive.

  • Like their social media site(s)
  • Post on one (or all) of them
  • Buy one of their books (examples below):
  • Already bought it? Read it? Well, leave them a review of some sort.
  • Already done all of those things? Why not share their site with friends, family, co-workers? Never know, your unknown artist may blow up one day and remember the people that got them there… Can you imagine a J.K. Rowling or E.L. James fan that helped them out?

If you haven’t guessed, it’s my birthday. I’m now off to drink coffee, lay around in my sweats and watch a Star Wars marathon. Hope you are all having a great day!!

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Where Are You From?

I could really use your help on a project. I’m looking at creating a map of the world. I’d like to know just where my book may have made it. So, if you’ve read my book, have a copy (ebook or paperback), looked it over, put it on a wish list, etc. Comment or email me your location. I’d like to look into cities or if you’re uncomfortable with that state/country.

Rapid Citians need not respond. I’m home base. All the strings will come from there. But I know I have some great reviews from all over the world. The UK, Austria, Malaysia, the Philippians and more. This is my attempt to find out from you while my numbers are small. Also, it saves me stalking you…


The Next 1000 Miles


I have been lacking on it lately. Blogging and keeping up with everything in life is a constant. Any blogger can tell you that. It’s like exercising, the more diligent the routine, the easier results shall come. I need a fresh slap back into reality. I’ve been giving %5 to way too many things in my life at every given moment. I need to plan and attack so I can make sure everything in my life is getting the %105 (not %110) it needs.

So, on this short lunch break of mine, I have dedicated a small moment to keep you up on what I’m doing.

  • I’m finishing the framing of my next series. A short story was put up on my other site and thank you to the three people who voted for me. (3…smh, I have to get better at social media) Outside of the Forever City
  • Starting out on Carter Gabel’s end to his Legend. The third book has no release date yet, the bones of it will be done by summer and with any success on the first two, I hope the third can start making its way late fall?
    • Contemplating a box series set where I would redo some of the minor imperfections and add a novella from another character’s perspective
  • Trying to get better at Twitter #noob @AuthorJonasLee
  • Thinking of looking into a publisher for the next series
  • Coaching softball once again (Go Adrenaline!)

Beyond that, from now on –

Every day I’m hustling

– Rick Ross

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Come Along

It’s a short post. One you should re-post. I like friends. The more I have the better I feel. YOU should totally be one of those friends if you’re reading this. Follow me everywhere!!


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A Time to Reap:

A Time to Live:

A Time to Live, The Next 1000 Miles

Happy Birthday!!

Two wonderful things were born on this day! First and foremost, I would like to wish my wife a happy birthday. She is always looking out for me and supporting me in these ventures. Please leave a like or a favorite or even a comment for her!

Secondly, I’d like to announce and welcome into this world, my next book: A Time to Live. This little bundle of joy is officially alive and well in the world and I hope you have a moment to go and see him. Good thing is that he can go home with you today!!

A Time to Live

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Flavor of Writing

I’m going to speak metaphorically here in terms of writing as it relates to food. In this post,writers are cooks, the food is our books and the readers are our dining guests.

As “chefs” we attempt to create an amalgamation of spices to hopefully combine them all to appease and nourish our audience. Nourish in terms of entertain, provoke thought, terrify, stupefy or marvel at the wonder of the dish they just completed.

I think we’ve all had our share of bad cooks that could burn water somehow as well as our favorite chefs that never let us down. We all have a pallet of our own, some dare to try new things whereas others have a strict diet. And let us not forget the comfort foods, oh those genres that satisfy us and make us feel like we’re wrapped under a thick blanket on a cold day.

I think both chefs and diners should try and keep a hopeful eye open to the possibilities of what might be appealing. Something may sound atrocious, but who knows, one day it might just be the thing you crave most. I had mentioned comfort foods before, so let’s try not to forget or overindulge on the desserts. You know the books that can be read in a day and what you actually take away from it is just a spatial lapse in time. Don’t get me wrong, we all need those little jump starts and treats before taking on the next great meal (mine is The Walking Dead graphic novels).

As a chef, I try to mix up my flavor of words and ideas into a story everyone can enjoy. Alas, there are always individuals who will hate your cooking or it’s just not appetizing to them. (Hopefully they finish the meal) That’s not a fault, it just happens. I’m sure they took away something from your words and imagination. Their feedback could also help you refine your craft enough on the next dish to make it even better.

And do keep trying new recipes as a chef and diner alike. No one steps into the kitchen knowing what every machine, utensil and combination of tastes can conjure up. I think at some point we all know when the cook has something good to offer, sometimes we just have to wait for the next time.

Stay hungry and keep creating!