Ryan Attard {Showcase}

This traditional Thursday, I am actually providing a two-for-one. Ryan Attard is a writer, blogger and podcaster I have come to enjoy. He has humor I can enjoy and make sure to strap in tight during podcasts as the topics come up from anywhere his mind chooses to travel. Humor is never far away, so give him a listen and follow him. His podcast in this blog is an interview with another author, Sorin Suciu who is equally hilarious. Thank me later.

Ryan Attard

Today I interview humor fantasy author Sorin Suciu, so prepare to have your mind blow and your funny-bone tickled.

This guy is one of the funniest authors out there. He’s a true artist and something of a reclusive genius, and I’ve had the pleasure of being introduced to his debut novel The Scriptlings, when my manager dumped the novel in my inbox and asked for my opinion.

Here’s what I told him: “Holy shit . . . hahahahaha . . . This is so cool . . . hahahaha . . . who is this guy? Hahahaha . . . I need to pee.”

I may be paraphrasing.

This interview went smooth and sailing, and I’ve been willing to talk to this guy since the inception of the show.

Here’s a rundown of what I blab about:

– Me and my problems, then I ask you to go buy…

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Erin Lyon {Showcase}

I know, it’s not Thursday, but I missed last week and we will be waiting on a new story a little while longer. So, it’s double-up week! This week, I am pleased to share this blog by Erin Lyon. I’ve read through her posts and I always come back feeling better about myself whether through her humor or some of her self-depreciating stories. Kind of the macabre sense of humor I carry with me at times. Strangely, I think she’d do the same. Go check her blog out, now! Thank me later.

Erin Lyon

So, the connoisseur of poor decision-making thing.  People continually seem to get a chuckle out of that line.  But a connoisseur?  Really?  Since I’m a fan of dictionaries (and had to look it up anyway to see if I’d spelled it correctly), here you go:

: a person who knows a lot about something: an expert in a particular subject

I would say I qualify.  Clearly, since I am not dead or in prison, I can laugh about most of my poor decisions. And, because I enjoy humor at my own expense, here is a sampling, in no particular order:

  1. 1993 – At 20 years old, deciding to drive to Vegas to marry a guy I’d only known for 6 months…because it seemed like a good idea at the time. (Yes, I know that I said “in no particular order” and that sure as hell seems like it would be “Number…

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Ian Probert {Showcase}

Thursday’s Premise: From now on, I’d like to reblog on Thursdays. It saves my brain juice and showcases a little from fellow writers. So you’ll see people sharing their stories or knowledge or anything each Thursday.

Today, Ian Probert is a wonderful author. He puts out little short chapters periodically and the illustrations (if I read correctly) are his own. Go check him out and give him a shout!



Just one more look… One more look and it’s all over.

Three players were still alive. A smartly dressed man whose name was Brown had just over ten thousand pounds left on the table. The chip leader was a man named Shields, who was studiously rearranging a pile of plastic tokens worth in excess of twenty-four thousand pounds. Palmer himself was carrying just over sixteen thousand pounds; his brain felt like someone had stuck a rusty bread knife though it. 

Keep it together, Tommy boy… One more look and you’re almost there. 

The pain was beginning to overwhelm Palmer. He was finding it difficult to think. His cards faded in and out of focus. The others in the room regarded the stranger in their midst with suspicion and bewilderment. They didn’t know what to make of Palmer, with his fucked up face and his strange, jerky way of laying down…

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The Time Traveller’s Grandchild: Jonas Lee

If you haven’t looked at mylittlebookblog, now is definitely the time! She gave me my very first review (take note of that) and you’ll have to read what she says…


I was sent this book by the lovely Jonas Lee, and in his words loved your blog. I figured I would throw my hat in the ring. You can’t go anywhere if you don’t move, right?’ I am so happy you chose to ‘move’ and send this onto me and let me have a read. I was submersed in a new world and so carried away with this that I decided to review this rather than work on my philosophy dissertation (which I’m so worried about!) So that’s pretty impressive! Jonas states on his lovely blog at ‘http://jonasleeblog.com’ (Go check it out!) ‘If you want more, encourage me to get this sucker in front of an agent or publisher.’ So here it is Jonas, my plea to you, to get this to a publisher and get this out there for everyone to read! YES, I mean it! So, with…

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