Two Minutes (3.17)

Some of you may have seen my post the other day about the person who hacked my PayPal account and siphoned out the equivalent of my editing cost. <insert angry tirade here>

Then I had a haircut and when I walked into the salon, my hairdresser looked pretty much like how I felt, generally unhappy. She asked about my day, I asked about hers, chit-chat ensued. Then after I relayed my woeful tale, she proceeded to tell me about hers. She and her husband had recently moved and as a splurge, they hired movers. Fun right?

Only issue was, once the movers were gone, she noticed her cash and some of her jewelry was also missing. She won the worst day award, hands down. My money will come back to me (same as hers), but her wedding ring and other items handed down to her aren’t replaceable. Beyond that, it was their home. My online account can get redone, credit restored, etc. Anyone who has had a break-in knows how vulnerable and fragile and angry that can make you.

I guess my point is, someone always has it better than you and someone always has it worse. Strive to be the example of what better looks like for those that are struggling.

And to the person who took my money, I hope you have a constant static shock on everything you touch in life. #blessed

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